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  • L-man
    Nice HDD case, little hard to open
    The case is made from a good and nice plastic. Packing is very good, so no damage in shipping. After testing it, everything is working fine. The only con is that it’s hard to open the case – so it is not suitable for those who need to swap the drive more often.

    Aug 18,2018

  • Sinisa
    I'm pleased with the quality of the product. All function as description said. I recomend buy because his price-quality is the best. Finally, the shipping was speed and the box looks of good quality. Thank you and surely will order again!
    None for the moment.

    Jul 21,2018

  • Deivid Araujo
    Very good quality
    Like it so much, easy to open and swap the HD, if you work with IT this case is very good because you can open it and change all of the time to recover informations for other HD.

    Sep 29,2018

  • Marco
    usb 3.0 sata casr
    This usb 3.0 sata case fit 2.5 inches sata hard drive very good for making backups

    Nov 20,2018

  • Rui
    Good case
    Very easy to switch the hdd or ssd.Good and linear speed on reading or writing.I'm very happy with the product.

    Nov 17,2017

  • Clau
    Me parece increíble este producto en relación calidad-precio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfecto para mis discos duros de 2,5"!!!!!!!

    Aug 04,2018

  • CUZ11N
    Very Happy... :)
    Nice and compact, easy to install and remove hard drive, speed is good (45MB/s average), good for use with TV (very light double sided tape to back)..

    Nov 14,2018

  • CUZ11N
    Nice and Compact...
    Nice and compact, easy to install hard drive, the plastic cover might be a concern due to heat from the hard drive.. so far so good...

    Oct 19,2018

    Very good!
    Good quality and good cable!Working as expected!recommended!

    Nov 23,2018

  • gustavo silva
    Zomy Sata 3.0
    Pruduto muito bo tranfere todos os dados rapidamente resisyente muito bom

    Nov 22,2018