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Робот-пылесос Lefant M520 Smart Mapping работает с Alexa и Google
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Робот-пылесос Lefant M520 Smart Mapping работает с Alexa и Google

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FreeMove / Управление голосом и приложением / Автозарядка
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Основные характеристики

FreeMove Technology: The robot vacuum will prevent probability of getting stuck in advance, such as bottom of sofa, bed, carpet, threshold, wiring area, etc, which enables almost fully automatic cleaning without interruption, no need of manual intervention.

Slim Yet Powerful: Slim design, easily slides under sofa, bed and corner, yet packing a whooping 2200Pa of suction power to eliminate dust, dirt, ,bread crumbs and pet hair while being gentle with tiles, hardwood floors and carpets, keeps your home free of fur balls and your children healthy.

Voice and APP Controls: The robot works with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. Download Le Robot APP, available on iOS and Android 4.0 and above, access to direction control, schedule cleaning, choose the cleaning modes, real-time monitor, adjust the suction power, etc. Support OTA firmware.

Durable Runtime: The vacuum has built-in 2600mAh lithium battery, cleaning up to 110-130min on a single charge. When battery is low, it will automatically back to charging dock on ready for next cleaning. All new LCD remote control also supports the schedule cleaning.

Ready to Clean: Two side brushes, one bottom roller brush, sweep and vacuum the whole house thoroughly. 3-cleaning modes switch between auto, spot and edge mode for a complete, professional cleaning in every nook and cranny. High-capacity 0.6L dust box , no frequently emptying needed for each cleaning, 1 year warranty service.


Battery Life
2 hours
Dust box capacity (L)
0.6-1 L
Filter Type
Model Number
Voltage (V)
Power (W)
Sweep Suction
Remote Control
Dust Storage Type
Dust Box
Timing Reservation
Cord Length (m)
Cleaning Route
Planned Type

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  • Ellie
    great litter worker
    travel in directions I find illogical but if I leave it alone, it WILL makes its way around all of the room and pick up the bits it missed earlier.it's powerful and collect hair, dusk well.

    It's quiet. I read reviews of other vacuums that said they were decently noisy. You can hear it is doing stuff, but it tops out at a background noise. No problem watching TV or talking while it's doing stuff.

    Everytime it returns without fail. always return to charge after done its thing. also can remote recharge with Remote control and app control.

    three levels of power. I switch it to 'max',so that it cleans my thick carpet better.

    its glass made top is really appealing and maks the machine looks morden and elegant. highly recommended!

    Nov 01,2019

  • anna
    I love this product it looks so cool and works so well
    Very quiet was our first impression. Sleek design which we like as well but performance is more important.Cleaning with planned route. It looks higher quality, love the glass top.It has so many modes that you can adjust according to your needs like wall following and spinning throughout a single spot.The easy function of the product and built in smart systems is great as you can set a certain time for it to clean the house as well when battery life is low a push of a button it will automatically find its own way back to the charging port.it doesn't go right on the edge due to smart systems preventing it from hitting objects. and the side brush can clean the edge.

    Nov 05,2019

  • Jacob
    nice chosen
    I have this product for about a month now and seems to be working well. It works well on the hard floor and good on carpets. It worked well. Picked up lot of hairs from the carpet and other areas where it is not easily reachable on regular vaccum. I was amazed how well it did one 360 round around one of the chair leg. It almost never hitting. it senses and moves away very well. Noise level is reasonable. Overall satisfied with the purchase.

    Oct 29,2019

  • joyce
    I always don't do house cleaning
    I really enjoy this robot vacuum and how well it cleans. I thought I might not have enough suction or would constantly get lost. But it actually works great. It follows corners and rounded edges so well that it can detect legs of chairs and tables. Whenever an issue comes up with the robot it clearly tells you what the issue is. Overall everything is great and the fact. and I'm worry free about house cleaning.

    Nov 05,2019

  • iscz
    Keeps the house clean of hair and dust
    Variable speed and function
    Large dust bin
    Comes with extra filter
    Easy setup
    Can schedule auto timing to clean with app
    When running, it does not generate loud noise, put it on MAX mode then you will notice noise but still soft.

    You should set up automatic cleaning, Just in case you forgot.
    The robot likes to play with the wire that on the floor, so don‘t let cables laying around.

    Oct 29,2019

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