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Робот-пылесос Lefant M300 с функцией защиты от падения

Робот-пылесос Lefant M300 с функцией защиты от падения

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Основные характеристики

M300 Pro is one of uni-body M version with free-move technology.the State-of-the-art technology let vacuum cleaner anti-stuck under the sofas, beds, dressers, Even things that are not the same height from the floor.do not go to the wire winding area.

Brushless motor with1500Pa suction,adjustbale rolling brush with Bristles,no problem with dust,crumbs, per hairs and so on. can handle your different needs.

specially designed V-shaped side brushes,for efficient and complete clean every time.

2600mAh Lithium-ion battery, about 120min running time,600ml dustBin, one-time clean 150 square meters.

3-layer filter,including washable pre-filter,sponge and high-efficiency filter, which helps to constrain garbage in its dust bin.

3 Anti-drop sensors, 11 Anti-collision sensors, It can protect itself and do no harm to your family or furniture.


Battery Life
2 hours
Dust box capacity (L)
0.6-1 L
Filter Type
Model Number
Voltage (V)
Sweep Suction
Power (W)
Remote Control
Dust Storage Type
Dust Box
Timing Reservation
Cord Length (m)
Cleaning Route
Random Type
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  • dustin J
    nice product
    Nice product to keep house clean and tidy.I am now feel completely relaxed when I back home. Because I don’t need to clean my house after working.Super use of artificial intelligence and all of all it saves my time a lot. I have been using this for cleaning my carpet floors and kitchen tiles and I'm pretty impressed with the cleaning.Super use of artificial intelligence and all of all it saves my time a lot. I have been using this for cleaning my carpet floors and kitchen tiles and I'm pretty impressed with the cleaning.

    Nov 05,2019

  • William
    This little guy is great for the price
    Works great on tile and hardwood floors. I love how it cleans under my bed. Works better on medium pile rugs than low pile especially for short dog hair. Perhaps if I used it everyday it would work better.

    It isn’t overly noisy. I can’t usually hear it when it’s in an adjacent room.

    For the price it is really a bargain. It has several settings which all work well for me. I like that it came with extra accessories like filter and brush roll.
    All in all while factoring in price and function I would give it a 5.

    Dec 25,2019

  • dane
    I could’ve gotten lazy so much longer ago
    I just need push the button on the top, my house is clean after about an hour. it collect dust,hair,Scraps of paper and so on. that is leave out a lot of trouble.
    One thing I liked particularly that you can move it while it’s on. Basically you can direct it where you want to clean or just leave it on and it will clean everything. it is really powerful. It’s design is very sleek so it can easily go below any furniture. It easily jumped to carpet from hardwood floor as well. Awesome Cleaner. Great design.

    Oct 30,2019

  • Weasley
    Lots of dog hair gone
    I just moved into an apartment with a carpeted bedroom, and the decision to buy a vacuum cleaner became urgent after I noticed the presence of fleas and dog hairs. after first work done, I saw a lot dead bugs and hairs in dust box. It make me feel better.
    it goes under the couche, table and bed, and never stuck. so start-up and level it alone for a while, then the apartment is clean. very smart and awesome.

    Oct 30,2019

  • alex puth
    do not hesitate!
    If you have never owned a robot Vacuum, do not hesitate! This is my favorite thing now. I have rearranged furniture, just so that this little bot can clean around it! I was a little worried about how it would handle my fluffy rug but it breezed right across and vacuum it. this little guy saves me so much time and makes me feel not so inadequate as a house cleaner, when My work day is done.
    I would recommend it for a small one story home.

    Nov 06,2019

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