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  • Braiser
    Simple Pairing
    Pairing is very simple, so as soon as I open the case, my phone can detect the headset. The first thing I did was to check the Bluetooth connectivity and distance of the mobile phone. This is great! I checked the call volume and call quality, and I have no complaints. I called my husband many times from different places in the house, and I even whispered that he heard it all.

    Dec 18,2020

  • Flanker
    good audio effect
    I tested the audio with various music genes, podcasts and audiobooks. left a deep impression on me. Deep and powerful bass, crisp treble and balanced midrange. Jazz is well defined among different instruments. Easy to listen to narration and podcasts. The volume has a large range, super soft and almost painfully loud, but without any distortion.

    Dec 23,2020

  • Vick
    fits my ears perfectly
    I spent a whole week testing this headset! Out of the box is always fun and exciting. This headset is beautiful and attractive. To my surprise, I did not expect wireless charging, a super cool option. This headset is super comfortable and fits my ears perfectly. If you are also looking for, then this is it

    Jan 11,2021

  • Oricar
    connection looks stable
    Build/Battery/Connect: The Bluetooth connection looks stable in most cases. Once I disconnected on the left, but it was restored after a second. Another time, I did need to open it manually. The overhead of the control device is very small, and the touch control works without problems.

    Jan 02,2021

  • Celtha
    good for the price
    Very good, balanced and rich bass, entered at the right time, they are not like some cheap Bluetooth headsets that constantly percuss the bass mess. These are very comfortable to wear. Even when walking around, it stays in my ears well. very good for the price

    Jan 05,2021

  • Mendoza
    Overall, I am very happy that they have upgraded one of their most reliable products, which are very good in performance, sound quality, and comfort.

    Dec 30,2020

  • Flona
    good functionality
    In terms of functionality, they operate in the same way as any Bluetooth headset. They can be paired from the bag

    Jan 14,2021

  • Narch
    absolutely did
    I want to know if they can copy a completely wireless version, they absolutely did it!

    Dec 11,2020

  • Rish
    Great! I'm still mastering the functions of the buttons.

    Jan 03,2021

  • Johnson
    comfortable and lightweight
    Super comfortable and lightweight.

    Jan 15,2021