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  • Antonio
    Molto soddisfatto
    La tastiera seppur piccola è molto comoda ed è una soluzione rapida e funzionale per quei dispositivi che ne sono sprovvisti come tablet,smartphones,mini-pc(raspberry pi) ... ma anche a un normale computer se in una conferenza si è lontano da questo la sua portabilità è veramente utile (utilizzando così anche il laser che è molto forte e raggiunge distanze modeste per una piccola tastiera ). I tasti sono gommati e comodi al tatto. Le luci per illuminare la tastiera non servono a un granchè:illuminano se stesse se c'è molto buio. L'ho utilizzata anche su una smart tv led 40" samsung e funziona molto bene soprattutto con il web browser, con l'app di youtube invece si può usare il touchpad ma la tastiera nonostante sia rilevata essendoci la tastiera virtuale nel campo di ricerca è possibile utilizzare solo questa( forse c'è qualche impostazione da sbloccare di cui non sono ancora a conoscenza). Non ho ancora potuto constatare la sua autonomia effettiva. La ricomprerei sicuramente con tutti i dispositivi portatili che abbiamo in casa tutti ormai, può essere sempre utile, anche perchè si può usare subito e in qualsiasi dispositivo.
    - Retroilluminazione inutile

    Aug 29,2016

  • RCJ
    Excellent price for a complete mini wireless Keyboard & touchpad
    Well packaged. Excellent price for a complete mini wireless Keyboard & touchpad.
    It uses proprietary wireless (2.4GHz), with USB adapter included. It is really plug&play (no boot at all) on Linux, Raspberry Pi, LG smart TV. It has backlight. Red laser pointer is also useful. The internal battery is charged with an (included) mini USB cable.
    It is a clone of the Riitek RT-MWK01V3, but with half price or less.

    Sep 04,2016

  • Danny
    Awesome mini keyboard
    - It is smaller and lighter than the remote of your TV
    - Good working range
    - Responsive touchpad
    - It has backlight for low-light room usage
    - Laser pointer to play with your cat
    None so far

    Jun 17,2016

  • Tiberiu Vlasceanu
    Very fast shipping . Safe packing . Excelent quality and aspect of product .
    Easy to use . Very simple but good manual .
    Haven't seen yet ...

    Aug 26,2016

  • Runarsson
    Good product for the price
    Very small
    Works very well from a distance
    Battery seems to last forever
    Sleep function is clever
    Laser light is VERY powerful
    Sometimes a bit too small (there are always pros & cons about that, but I am still recommending it)
    Not possible to double tap the touchpad, you have to push the buttons (left/right mouse click) - yet one get's it after a while ;o)
    Otherwise I can highly recommend it :)

    Dec 13,2015

  • Fidel vera
    Great Keyboard
    -Better qualitty than expected, its a shame it doesnt have a spanish version
    -its really usefull for presentations at school
    - the battery last really long time
    - the backligth is really usefull
    -mejor calidad de lo esperado, es una lastima que no tenga versión en español
    -funciona muy bien para presentaciones en la escuela
    -la batería dura bastante
    - la iluminacion es muy util
    - ninguno

    Jan 04,2017

  • nedzad
    makes sue of my tv easier
    I have one so called, Smart TV. Mouse is quite helpfull, but mouse at glass is not good combination, so I oreder this. Battery has not big capacity but can be turned off, also can be charged every night, so I get used to it.
    Mouse is excellenet solution, and it has backlight. Youtube is easier to browse, because of keyboard.
    most recommended

    Sep 17,2015

  • Vasile-Lucian Botez
    small, smart and low cost
    -at last I have perfect keyboard for my media player, Raspberry Pi and so on. ... I would have to buy more. The price is excellent in relation to keyboard capabilities:

    - The keys lightly,
    - It is portable and compact
    - Touchpad is very accurate
    - Keys can light in the dark
    - Is equipped with laser beam to be used as an indicator withe presentations

    Sep 22,2016

  • Jorge
    Excellent Product
    Good Looking
    Size is just perfect
    Battery lasts for weeks
    Backlit, for use under low light conditions
    Laser pointer, useful for presentations
    None so far

    Jan 02,2017

  • Mensur
    Compact keyboard
    Very compact and light keyboard. Works great for my HTPC, but it can also be used for presentations. Illuminated keys are a big bonus. Works with Windows 10 without any issues.

    Mar 18,2017