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The Jumper Company History: 1997 Shenzhen Jumper Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was established 1999 in cooperation with the Stone Group, the first in the country launched the "Jumper" brand, the same year establish Jumper computer technology Ltd. research and development centers, research and development, production base 2000 to become Intel Partner 2001 Jumper computer launched the "Mobile PC" concept a new computer 2002 was identified as high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City 2003 Gome, Suning, and other large chain stores to cooperate 2004 was named Nanfang Dushi Bao "the most influential" brand, the same year, cooperate with Asus 2005 Intel China as "innovation club" members, and Intel jointly released the first digital home innovative PC products 2006 Together with Olympic champion LiXiaoShuang and President of Intel China, Lauch the world's first Core Duo Core computer 2007 was named the "integrity enterprises" by Southern Metropolis 20 years since the establishment 2008 world's NO.2 , the NO.1 in china release the experts of "small notebook" 2009 by the state as "national high-tech enterprise", with a number-one listed series of independent intellectual property rights 2010 was named "Shenzhen well-known brand" 2012 in cooperation with Microsoft China has become Microsoft's strategic partner 2013 independent intellectual property rights recognized by domestic and foreign customers, domestic Huawei, Foxconn, AOC provide products exported to many overseas countries, Egypt, India, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, South Africa, Mexico, etc. 2014 to establish cooperation with major electricity suppliers, products Lynx Mall, Taobao, JD.COM Mall, Gome Mall, Suning Tesco, One store, Amazon and other platforms mall opened across the board 2015 Launch “dual touch” tablet ,got the "Editor's Windows tablet Choice " by Pacific network, "Annual recommended products" by Zhongguancun Online

4.7 из 5

Оценка на основании колличества отзывов 258 отзыв(ов)

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  • Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2 Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2

    Compre este portátil de oferta y la verdad es que mas contento no puedo estar. Paso a exponer los puntos positivos y negativos.

    Buena Batería
    Funcionamiento Fluido ( ofimática y navegar)****
    Teclado cómodo y trackpad decente
    Diseño bonito
    Portabilidad, el portatil es fino y pesa poco

    Calidad de la pantalla
    Cargador con el cable corto

    *** Con windows instalado el ordenador no iba del todo mal, pero preferi instalarle Linux Mint y literalmente, ahora vuela. He tenido un problema con el audio, parece ser que los procesadores Z8300/z8350 tienen algun problema con linux y los controladores de audio. No he podido hacer que el audio funcione, aunque adquiri una tarjeta de sonido USB por 4 euros y ha solucionado totalmente el problema.

    Un PC orientado a lo que es, un centro de trabajo y de consumo multimedia para gente no exigente, a este precio no encontraras muchas cosas mejores

  • Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC 

Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC

    I initially bought this as a replacement for my laptop which cackked out unexpectedly. I have been using this for almost 9 months and have had no real problems so far. It can handle what I need it for. If you are doing anything memory intensive this would probably not be for you. The only thing the slightest bit negative is the fact that the battery doesn't hold a charged like it used to...but it is still good for a couple of hours of surfing. I liked it so much I bought one for a friend and they are as pleased as I am with it's performance.

  • Планшетный ПК Jumper EZpad 6 Pro Планшетный ПК Jumper EZpad 6 Pro

    I chose this tablet, since 6 GB of RAM and a processor with a margin with a margin for most software. I also liked that it is possible to install an additional Android operating system on the tablet. It's great that there are many different ports, it is very convenient to connect various additional devices. The tablet is assembled with quality.

  • Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2 Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2

    Ben costruito e con una buona autonomia. Seguendo uno dei tanti tutorial ho modificato il dissipatore passivo, aggiungendo una placca di rame per la dispersione del calore. Aggiunte lettere adesive alla tastiera, così da averla in lingua italiana. Per il resto sono molto soddisfatto.

  • Jumper EZpad 5SE Планшет с клавиатурой Jumper EZpad 5SE Планшет с клавиатурой

    wie bereits in der Überschrift erwähnt hat dieses Tablet ein wunderbares Preis-Leistungsverhältnis. es funktioniert mittlerweile seit Jahren völlig einwandfrei. Gemeinsam mit der Tastatur, die angedockt werden kann, ist dies ein wunderbares Tool für die Reise oder für Hotel und Krankenhausufenthalte fernab von daheim.

  • Jumper EZpad 6 Планшет PC 2 в 1 с клавиатурой Jumper EZpad 6 Планшет PC 2 в 1 с клавиатурой

    Ich nutze das convertible seit etwa 1 1/2 Jahren. Normale alltägliche Aufgaben (surfen, chatten, streamen, office) meistert es ohne Probleme. Geschwindigkeit ist klasse, ebenso die Akkulaufzeit.
    Für die Nutzung draußen ist das Display etwas stark verspiegelt und das touchpad hat ab und an ein paar "Macken" - aber bei dem Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis lässt sich dies verschmerzen.

  • Jumper EZBOOK 3 ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 ноутбук

    I owned this model from 2 years by now and I just can say how satisfied I am about this model. Perfect for daily use: browsing, emailing, writing an other basic not up for productivity use because of the hardware.

  • Многопротокольный передатчик Jumper T8SG 2.4G 10CH Многопротокольный передатчик Jumper T8SG 2.4G 10CH

    I was looking to downsize from my current radio (a FS-I6) and it really is smaller. And the multiprotocol aspect is also awesome!

  • Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC 

Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC

    Lo sto testando da qualche ora, i materiali sono davvero ottimi, sembra un prodotto di fascia premium, il display è davvero buono, e molto luminoso.
    l'ho ricevuto in 15 giorni esatti (15 giorni veri, non lavorativi).
    Davvero molto soddisfatto, lo consiglio a tutti!

  • Jumper EZpad 4S Pro Планшет Jumper EZpad 4S Pro Планшет

    I am very satisfied with the quality and speed of my tablet. packaging was well put together.

  • Оригинал Jumper EZpad 4S Pro чехол для клавиатуры Оригинал Jumper EZpad 4S Pro чехол для клавиатуры

    This keyboard cover compliments my tablet very well. We is high.

  • Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC 

Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC

    Ótimo produto de qualidade. Gostei muito. Concerteza indicaria para meus amigos. Entrega rápida.
    Gearbest sempre a frente com ótimos preços e produtos de qualidade.

  • Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3S Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3S

    One of my best purchase! The quality-price is very good, it is very fluent due to de SSD. The best of this product is the Hight contrast ips sceen.

  • Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2 Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2

    Notebook barato e leve, muito além da expectativa, considerando o preço que paguei, claro.
    O único problema équue o corpo de plástico arranha muito fácil.

  • Ноутбук Jumper EZbook 3L Pro Ноутбук Jumper EZbook 3L Pro

    Great materials, great ips screen, only 1,3kg, very slim, if you add a SSD it will work very fast. Perfect.

  • Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC 

Ноутбук Jumper EZBOOK 3 PRO 6 ГБ ОЗУ 64 ГБ eMMC

    Super Gerät mit guter Ausstattung und voll Aluminium Body. System läuft nach Neuinstallation ohne Probleme. Meine Erwartungen wurden erfüllt.

  • Ноутбук Jumper EZbook 3 Plus
Ноутбук Jumper EZbook 3 Plus

    otima autonomia de bateria
    exelente design extremamente fino
    muito bem construido otimos graficos

  • Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2 Ультрабук Jumper Ezbook 2

    Produto chegou em boas condições, mas demorou 2 meses a chegar a Portugal, o cabo alimentador é curto.

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