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  • anna swiniarska
    This set is of good quality,my hair is dirty blonde,highlighted with bleach blonde and lowlighted in strawberry blonde,the color was a perfect match,to call it a `` full head'' set isn't really accurate,i like that I can clip these in quickly without much styling and they feel incredibly light and natural on my head,these extensions are so light,my hair is very fine and a bit longer than shoulder length,i was pleasantly surprised to find this hair doesn't get much thinner towards the bottom ends (most inexpensive sets do,while expensive sets are usually as thick at the bottom as they are at the top of the weft),bottom line : the hair is good quality,feels light and natural on your head,natural looking head of hair

    Jul 23,2018

  • Rebecca Carter
    Was trying not to get my hopes up too much because the price is too good to be true,i have been wearing extensions for several years now and these are the least expensive set i've ever purchased,they are the correct length,(i've seen some reviews about these having thin ends and that is not the case with these) and a beautiful color,the extensions were a little creased but that's probably due to being folded up during shipping,i'm going to straighten them on low heat later and I will update if I have issues,these definitely feel like real human hair

    Jul 15,2018

  • BEBZ
    The price is amazing for such a well made product,the hair feels like my own and blends very well,it took me two tries to find the correct color because I have a medium dark brown color hair,i have long curly hair,my hair has begun to thin,i did trim about an inch to two inches because my hair is a tighter curl than this synthetic hair,i wanted this to match a little better to how my hair looks,you may have long hair,you can lose multiple inches when the hair curls up,i am still trying to figure the best way to brush it without knotting it up real bad

    Oct 01,2017

  • P. Hawk
    It came nicely packaged the shipping was very quick and it came in ringlet type curls,you don't want to go too high because you could scorch the hair,i buy high-end extensions all the time and wanted something more affordable to wear to the gym or just for quick runs,this hair is a lot lighter than my other hair but it is still very full,i always wanted to steer clear from synthetic hair thinking it would look plasticky and shiny but this is not like that at all,it does tangle a bit like any other hair so I used happy oil to help stop that

    Feb 15,2018

  • chelsea d.
    I have the same color ombre as in the picture,i have longer hair a little past my shoulders and I wanted to have my hair be a little thicker,i got these in and it matched my hair perfectly and the hair is very soft,all I did was add a bit of layers so it would blend in with my hair and it looks perfect,i've been wearing hair extensions for a very long time and I decided to try synthetic and also a one piece,i wouldn't recommend this for girls who have really short hair because it may not blend in properly and look a bit silly

    Aug 18,2017

  • Bob P.
    I was really surprised at how nice this hair is,it seems well constructed and it is very easy to hook into your own hair,not tangled and looks very much like real hair,the hair was in a hair net inside the package and in a large enough box so that it would not get crushed,i purchased this so that I could see what extensions are like before spending the money on real hair,the down side of this product would be that you have to be very careful if you want to add more curl,very happy with this purchase and I recommend it

    Jul 20,2018

  • trish d
    I really didn't expect much when I ordered these extensions but i've totally been converted,these have enough hair that it looks believable/natural on me and the color was spot on (ordered the bleach blonde since my hair is heavily highlighted),since these are synthetic they tangle a bit more than real ones but with proper care it's not a big deal,i'm definitely ordering a few more sets in different lengths since it was such a great deal,i have both sets in the brown and slightly brown/red mix and I love them both

    Mar 16,2018

  • M. C. Smith
    These extensions are actually pretty amazing,i am not new to the hair extension world,i actually find these to be a lot more manageable than my other expensive brand sets,all extensions shed a little when you brush them,i did just buy another pack just to make my hair even fuller but I could get away with one pack,the color is natural black and almost exactly the same color as my hair,you will want to trim at least an inch off the bottom because they are a little wispy at the ends

    Jan 15,2018

  • Beemrider
    Great quality for a synthetic,great wig for its price but it tangles realy easy,i added these extensions in and cut them myself since they're nice and long,they're very fun to play with and once I cut them to match my real hair,they do tangle easily as other people have said but I think that's pretty standard,the color is nice,i think that would happen with any synthetic hair product,i love these and I think they're amazing and actually better than the price might suggest

    Feb 07,2018

  • May Furniture
    I am very experienced in buying extensions and I always get very expensive extensions from high end brands,i ordered these for some longer hair for a halloween costume,these extensions are thick,the correct color,the correct length,they are synthetic hair so that means no heat,they shed and tangle a lot more than nicer extensions,daily use I suggest buying real human hair extensions for a higher price point and reputable brand

    Mar 07,2018