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Teclast TL - T6 Активный стилус Черный алюминиевый сплав

Teclast TL - T6 Активный стилус Черный алюминиевый сплав

- Чёрный

для ноутбука Teclast F6 Pro
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- Встроенный чипсет IC предлагает режим покоя, а также легкий доступ к сенсорному экрану

- Корпус из алюминиевого сплава

- Батарея размера поддержки No. 9 4A. Его жизнь доходит до полугода

- Кнопки на нем функционируют как ластик и правая кнопка мыши

- Он подходит для ноутбука Teclast F6 Pro.



Вес продукта: 0.0180 кг
Вес упаковки: 0.0250 кг
Размер продукта (Д х Ш х В): 14.30 х 1.00 х 1.00 см / 5.63 х 0.39 х 0.39 дюйма
Размер упаковки (Д x Ш x В): 17.50 x 1.18 x 2.56 см / 6.89 x 0.46 x 1.01 дюйма


Комплектация: 1 x стилус, 1 x картридж, 1 x упаковка

Стилус Teclast TL - T6 / F5 черный алюминиевый сплав для ноутбука Teclast F6 Pro- Чёрный

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  • juka
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    Great Stylus Pen
    I wasn't sure if the pen would work very well or not or how accurate it would be. I am pleasantly surprised by how well it functions. It's not your very expensive 4000 plus stylus pens that's out there, for me it works great with the Teclast F5, I have had no problems with it causing any errors etc. It does and will take time to master the pen on the screen, yet, I'm happy with this stylus.

    Sep 12,2018

  • ironmaiden75
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    Qualità e funzionalità
    ho ricevuto questa penna e posso dire che come qualità costruttiva è fatta bene. .la sto usando sul mio teclast f5 e tutto funziona. unica nota dolente è che è stata spedita senza una protezione rigida e durante il trasporto poteva essere danneggiata. spero duri nel tempo e che le punte di ricambio si trovino facilmente. per adesso soddisfatto. grande gearbest. .

    Dec 30,2018

  • Sasa
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    Teclast x6 pen buyed from gearbest
    Seems good quality but unfortunately the one i received don't work.

    I've just contacted GB's customer care so i'm quite sure they will solve the problem

    Jan 25,2019


    Thank you for your recent order.

    We are sorry to hear that you have the issue for your item.

    After-sales issues can be resolved through our Support Center within 24 hours.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html

    Best regards,


    Mar 23,2019

  • Alessandro
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    teclast pen
    I could not test the pen yet since the batteries are not included. in fact not only the batterie are missing but also the packaging and the replacement cartridge which is mentioned in the description but not delivered.

    it’s a pity, just a small effort and with batteries, box and a few accessories it would appear much more beautiful

    Dec 15,2018

  • Eccellente
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    Versatile nella creatività,
    Ottime possibilità di uso con il teclast f6 pro nella specifica. Buon digitalizzatore, buono il fidbek in mano, materiale pena in alluminio.Prezzo un puo altinno vista la sua specifica. La mancanza della pila in dotazione e la punta di ricambio. Funcziona con un modello di pilla non reperibile ovunque (Micro stilo AAAA).

    Dec 21,2018

  • Harrier
    Да (1) Цвет: Black
    very useful !
    If you own F5 then I suggest you buy this pen. The grip is very comfortable and you can use it instead of the mouse. You need an AAAA battery, some places are not easy to buy, you need to pay attention to this.

    Nov 24,2018

  • Thaithos
    Да (1) Цвет: Black
    nice for the price
    Compared to a Surface Pen or the Apple pencil it may be not the best stylus, but for just 20$ it is a solid solution.
    Tested with a Teclast F5. Good precision. Only problem is, it seem to not be able to track well fast movements like writing. The letters dont look nice shaped. But its okay for the price.

    Nov 02,2018

  • Christos Tsipouras
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    Retired Colonel
    Excellent! The price is advantageous and the shipment is
    timely. The packaging was perfect. The stylus pen is new
    and just what I wanted.

    Nov 22,2018

  • simone
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    low cost stylus pen
    Very good pen for some teclast products. Light and quite precise for a low cost pen. No additional cartridge and no battery (AAAA) in package. Slow sending due to refurbishment problem but kind customer service assistance to manage delay.

    May 19,2019

  • teclast active stylus pen
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    teclast active stylus pen
    It is perfect stylus. Everything works good with notebook Teclast F6 pro or Teclast F5.
    I trully recommend this pen.

    Dec 25,2018

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Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

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