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    Much improved over the orginal Syma X5-c. The body has been enhanced to be stronger, yet still lightweight and sealed very nicely. Everyone complained about the X5-C's camera angle, that it pointed downward too much. Well Syma has corrected that on the X5-SW. The new battery compartment is an additional luxury that I love. I really can't explain, but it just feel tighter than the previous versions. I should know, I went through three of them! As soon as I flew it, I gave my old X5-C to my son. And oh yea, it came out of the box just about ready to fly. There are no screws in plastic bag to deal with. All the screws that are needed for assembly (landing skids and prop guards) are in their places, you just need to tighten them up - I LOVE IT!!!
    The camera doesn't take a SD card, you have to record your videos on your smart phone. I have yet to test that out. Otherwise, for the price, great quadcopter.

    May 22,2015

  • Bob L.
    Syma X5SW Explorer 2 2.4GHz w/0.3MP HD Camera
    Very easy to fly.
    Great Quad for beginners to learn with.
    Wifi FPV to your own Android cell phone w/SYMA APP (one for newer Android OS and one for older Android OS).
    Also works with IOS.
    Durable material - does not damage easily.
    Can be flown indoors or outdoors.
    Small and compact so it can be taken on trips without taking up a lot of room.
    Plenty of replacement parts readily available.
    Will easily fly for 8.5 minutes if you are not too aggressive even prop guards and camera recording.
    Please note that the CONS below are not enough that you should keep from buying this Quad. As I said, it is a great Quad to learn on and is not one that you have to worry about crashing because it cost too much.
    Instruction manual leaves some things out - one is that there are two APPS for FPV and Android OS (the QCode in the manual is for newer Android OS you have to search for the one for older Android OS.
    Headless mode has a mind of its own and Quad will lose direction.
    FPV to phone has lag and can not be used to actually fly FPV without flying into objects (even when using a Ultra High Speed SD Card).
    Only 0.3MP camera and no SD Card Slot in camera so can not record to camera.
    "Wind Bug" is still present in newer model X5SW Quad.
    During Wifi use Quad tends to fly away due to interference between Quad and camera.
    I purchased my Quad for less than $50... at $75 it is not worth the price (that is my opinion only).

    Dec 09,2015

  • Alexander
    Syma X5SW
    Great drone for beginners who wants to learn how to fly drone completely manually. Small enough to flight inside, comes with prop guards, camera and legs, which all can be dismounted to prolong flight time.
    Very light, so falling on the ground (not asphalt or stones) will mostly do no damage to the drone.
    Very light - smallest wind blows takes the drone away and with stronger constant wind it barely can fly against it.
    No optional flight altitude keep.
    Front and back aren't distinguishable in the day light. Had to tape bright tape to the front and change props to different color one.

    May 28,2017

  • Cristian
    The drone is perfectly packed. It's a perfect drone for people who are starting in this hobby. I've recieved the order in 15 days, so perfect.

    I'm really happy with Syma x5sw.
    Take care with the wind.

    Jan 31,2018

  • Dan
    It's my first drone and after 10 minutes of crashes (which it happily survived) I was able to keep it stable in the air and to do some simple movements, so I guess it's easy to fly.
    Image quality seems better than in presentation video (colors and image details).
    Camera connection not possible in the neighborhood of a wireless router. Even when connected (router off), the video is a bit delayed (but I believe this is normal) and not fluent.

    Feb 28,2017

  • Olexandr
    Отличный коптер по доступной цене
    хорошее качество;
    ударопрочные лопасти и корпус;
    лёгкость в управлении;
    красивый дизайн корпуса;
    оригинальная ударопрочная упаковка.
    Низкое разрешение камеры.

    Jul 30,2016

  • Judson Iury
    Muito bom para quem quer começar a aprender, mesmo sendo barato tem uma boa construção sendo assim não é tão frágil, voa bem alto e rápido, e faz manobras tbm. Chegou bem rápido escolhi o BR express chegou em menos de 2 semanas desde a compra
    A bateria que vem junto é de 500 mah e dura muito pouco mas eu tenho algumas 850 mah então tá de boa

    Nov 28,2017

  • John
    X5SW Review
    Great quadcopter to learn how to fly the proper way and learn about orientation before moving on to bigger and better models. You can even experiment with FPV flying via the wifi connection that this quadcopter offers.
    Leave the prop guards on if learning to fly so you don't break as many props.
    Purchase extra batteries and props - the batteries are only good for about 5 min. flights
    Doesn't fly that well in windy conditions - you can fight the wind somewhat in High Mode.
    Mainly for outdoor flying unless you can go to a gym or somewhere similar.

    Mar 04,2016

    Consigliato per chi è alle prime armi e non ha mai utilizzato un drone, abbastanza leggero e, per me molto resistente, non riuscivo a farlo volare perché arrivato con due eliche invertite, cambiate di posizione ho risolto tutti i problemi, lo consiglio !
    Consigliato per chi è alle prime armi e non ha mai utilizzato un drone, abbastanza leggero e, per me molto resistente, non riuscivo a farlo volare perché arrivato con due eliche invertite, cambiate di posizione ho risolto tutti i problemi, lo consiglio !

    Apr 25,2017

  • Hakan Özcelik
    Good Price, Quality and Delivery
    it is perfect device with camera for beginners, i received my order without any missing. Thanks for it. It was a good shopping.
    i was a little bit worried after reading reviews about gearbest, but for this order i did not face any problems

    Jul 27,2016