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  • Apick
    Placed one for test into a fixture with four other incandescent bulbs, the color temperature also tracks the incandescent bulbs as you bring the brightness down, the only weakness I see is the brightness doesn't go down as much as the other incandescent bulbs but it's fine for my application

    Jul 05,2017

  • mark szemkus
    What makes it worse is that my kitchen is a light pear color so it really intensifies the yellow hue, happy light that doesn't add or change the tones of your interior colors, the dimming feature works as it should and I like the fact that LED bulbs are supposed to cost less in electric

    Nov 02,2015

  • RD
    Bulbs have a nice color when full-on and gradually warm as they dim, i've been slowly replacing all the can light bulbs in the house and even the standard bulbs with these as they run much cooler than the old CFLs / incandescents, lower power consumption and of course last much longer

    Dec 24,2014

  • K C Texas
    The best dimmable LED floodlight I've ever bought, the dimming feature is almost comparable to an incandescent light, the only wish I have is to get this in a higher wattage

    Nov 27,2016

  • Eric Allen
    Nice looking bulbs, ended up getting dimmer switches because they were somewhat brighter than my old incandescent bulbs but that is to be expected with any LED bulb

    Dec 11,2016

  • Ibz
    The bulbs don't dim quite as nicely don't get as dim or soft as the floods they replaced, but they are much softer and more natural than other LED lights we have tried

    Sep 16,2018

  • susan scarborough
    Cheapest I could find for a TRUE warm light, I tried these right next to my existing lights and its impossible to tell the difference in color temp

    Aug 06,2016

  • Christopher T Bruscato
    Used to replace four standard bulbs in a large room, the light is slightly brighter than the old bulbs which is a plus in our case

    Jan 29,2018

  • Wolf
    Nice to have full brightness when I switch them on unlike CFLs and without all the heat and energy usage of an incandescent

    Dec 29,2017

  • Firas
    I purchased these to replace cheaper dimmable LED bulbs that would produce a minor hum, these work great not a trace of hum

    Oct 06,2017