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  • CJackson
    The warmth ranges from daylight white to soothing yellow and each color has varying brightness which are all easily adjustable using the flat panel at the base, suitable for technical applications where an abundance of light is needed like watchmaking as well as reading in a dark room on one of the warmer, lower brightness settings and everything in-between

    Sep 03,2015

  • Fras
    I am not believing what a great product it is, and the amount of light it provides it just perfect, it is a hundred times better than the old fluorescent desk lamp I was using, which was a great deal more expensive, I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is even thinking of ditching an old fluorescent desk lamp, even if the old lamp is still working perfectly

    Jul 03,2016

  • Monique Ferguson
    I didn't like having the overhead light on while I worked but when it became dark I couldn't see the keyboard well enough, the lowest setting is perfect for illuminating the keyboard without distracting from the monitor, reading hard copy or a book - those other settings give me the best control for light intensity I have ever had

    Nov 15,2017

  • YungKiet Ong
    These work great, the reason why is that at home I have this connected to a light switch and it would be great if it would turn on automatically when power is restored to the light via the switch, currently I have to flip the light switch to `` on'' and then get to the light and press the power button

    Oct 18,2016

  • Miki
    During past five years I have spent ridiculous amount of money on different study lights to make my reading experience through quiet night more pleasing, it is durable very well design and manufactured, the price is just amazing too, it is a durable product and well worth your money

    Apr 06,2017

  • Lars126
    The USB port isn't very strong, I love the light settings and the timer, my old light used to be left on all the time because the switch was behind my desk on the cord and It was a hassle to turn off and on, clean my desk off, my husband likes it because he hated the other light on all night

    Nov 18,2015

  • roberto hernandez
    While this desk lamp was lower priced than a competing model I have elsewhere in the house, the USB charging port is a nice addition, having a small LED behind the touch-sensitive `` on'' switch makes it much easier to find in a darkened room

    Jul 12,2016

  • B. Randall
    My son was very pleased to receive this lamp which was purchased to sit on his gunmetal desk, we both appreciate the sleek design and options for different tones of light to choose for different tasks, which are flush with the fixture

    Jan 03,2016

  • Frederick Cristi
    I like the sleep mode as it puts out a nice soft light that is just right for a desk lamp next to a computer or bedside, the charging port is convenient too, only negative is the somewhat cheap plastic look and feel of it

    Dec 31,2017

  • Leopoldo Calderas
    This is a very portable and light lamp that shines bright, and regular desk work, it has adjustable settings and a USB port so if you wanted it as a nightstand light and to charge your phone you could use it that way

    Mar 09,2017