Оригинальный Fogworx Slider RTA атомайзер

Оригинальный Fogworx Slider RTA атомайзер

- Чёрный 208962001

5.5 мл / верхнее наполнение / нижний воздушный поток
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Нижнее наполнение

Нижний воздушный поток

Емкость: 5.5 мл

Резьба: 510

Диаметр: 25 мм

Материал: 304SS и стекло


Описания продукта

Тип: Обслуживаемый атомайзер,клиромайзер
Обслуживаемый атомайзер: RBA,RTA
Материал: стекло,нержавеющая сталь
Объем бака для жидкости: 5.5 мл
Винтовая нарезка Аккумуляторов: 510
Диаметр: 25мм

Размеры и вес

Вес продукта: 0.0810 кг
Вес упаковки: 0.2990 кг
Размер продукта (Д х Ш х В): 2.50 x 2.50 x 6.50 см / 0.98 x 0.98 x 2.56 дюйма
Размер упаковки (Д x Ш x В): 6.00 x 3.00 x 9.00 см / 2.36 x 1.18 x 3.54 дюйма


Комплектация: 1 x Fogworx Slider RTA, 1 x стеклянный бак, 1 x коробка, 1 x шестигранный ключ, 2 x изолированное кольцо, 2 x нагревательный провод, 4 x винт, 1 x уплотнительное кольцо, 1 x руководство пользователя на английском

5.5 мл / верхнее наполнение / нижний воздушный поток

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  • Clive Harding
    Fogworx Slider RTA (single coil)
    This is a fine RTA coming out of China with the quality of machining to match most European & American devices. Like with most things, you get what you pay for. My only issue with this tank is the deck. well one part of the deck, the screws/securing posts! They are extremely finicky and not designed in the normal fashion leading to poor design flaws! Even after taking this in to consideration you are still left with a fine RTA. albeit a little tall. Fantastic flash sale price means you can bag yourself one of these for half price which makes this purchase a 'No Brainer'!
    This is a very good quality RTA from China. Extremely good build quality which is above par compared to other Chinese tanks in this price range. This is a tall RTA though so keep this in mind when paring with a mod to power it! The gunmetal finish is exquisite and looks the tits when used on top of a mech tube(black)! The deck is pretty much standard until you come to the screws & securing the wires. Poor decision making has lead to this part of the device to be sub standard & making securing your wires very finicky and awkward! overall though this is a fine single coil RTA & worth considering if tall, single coil RTA's are your thing.

    Jul 19,2018 16:24:32

  • Dennis
    Very good flavor RTA
    Single coil deck, very easy to build and wick, nice top-fill.I immediately put in a SS316L clapton and put in one of my favorite juices and I am impressed with the flavour. Been doing quite a bit of chain-vaping, but not one dry-hit.
    glass won't stay in place so you will have to drain the tank if you need access to the deck.

    Sep 18,2017 19:53:12

  • MIC
    Fogworx Slider RTA Atomizer-SILVER
    A nice and big rda the capacity of this rta is Excellent.I'm really pleased with the quality of the construction.I recommend this product to anyone looking for a large capacity rta with good price.
    Because of the large capacity the product is large.

    Aug 13,2018 14:30:01

  • ekalle
    Very good RTA
    - Good RTA for RDL and DL use. - Gives better flavor than expected - Build deck was very easy to work with - Comes VERY well protected. The box is suitable for turning into a DIY mod - Holds a good amount of juice (5,5ml) - Very easy to fill - Had no issues with leaking or flooding
    - It CAN do MTL as well, but not a very high quality MTL. - Post screws should be side mounted. Now you have to take then out to place coil. Very small screws and easy to loose. - Drip tip is not one of my fav shapes.

    Oct 05,2017 08:19:56

  • Holger
    1A Verdampfer mit einem kleinen Mängel
    Top VerdampferGeschmack Note 2Clouds Note 1-Handling 1-kein süffen, 100% dicht sehr einfach zu wickelngroßer Tankcooles Trip TipAnthrazit farbigDeck für große Coils bis 5mm
    die Aufnahme der Coils inkl. Madenschrauben ist sehr eng gehalten.....breite, massive Coils finden hier kaum Platz und das Gewinde der Madenschrauben macht nicht den stabilsten Eindruck.... Breite Coils sollten hochkant eingeschoben werden und dann gedreht werden, dann klappt es.ein Langzeittest wird ergeben, wie langlebig die Aufnahme und das Deck sind.

    Mar 29,2018 17:27:30

  • Horst
    Forgworx Slider RTA ist klasse
    der Verdampfer kommt in einer Massiven Metalbox, das sieht sehr wertig aus und schützt zudem den Verdampfer beim Transport, man merkt direkt das dieser Verdampfer sehr hochwertig verarbeitet ist, das schwarz ist aber kein schwarz sondern geht eher ins Antrazite

    Sep 25,2017 19:45:06

  • Andy
    Awesome single coil RTA
    So far this has been a fantastic single coil RTA, great flavour, easy to build on, great capacity and build quality. Love the packaging too.
    none so far

    Oct 01,2017 00:25:41

  • Horst
    Forgworx Slider RTA
    der Verdampfer ist super verpackt in einer massiven Metallbox, darin ist alles sehr gut geschützt, auch die Verarbeitung ist klasse, da merkt man das dieser etwas teurer ist als die anderen, das schwarz ist mehr ein antrazit, sieht aber klasse aus

    Sep 25,2017 19:41:10

  • buban76
    tank for flavourchasing
    Build quality Easy to make a build Great flavourHuge vapor for single coil Easy to fill One of my favorite tank

    May 27,2017 00:19:36

  • Toonyoo
    My favourite atomizer
    Good materials and finishing,no leaks,drops.Very easy to build the sigle coil deck.Great flavour and enough steam.

    Jul 24,2018 05:56:21

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