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  • Lisa03
    Excellent product
    It snuggle fits into the ear and delivers range of sounds from low to high without much difficulty. Sound is crisp and clear and you can listen to the music without bass failing or pitch jarring at higher notes. The length of wire is adequate and braided type and With two magnetic earpieces, chances of tangled messy earphones are less. It black colour with splash of yellow makes it trendy and cool. Overall a good product.

    Feb 21,2021

  • ND89
    Worth the money with good sound & quality!
    I am totally satisfied with the Product Quality, Audio Quality, Built Quality and Above all Terrific Performance. Excellent Bass, Cristal Clear Mid Range and Vocalist are really impressive. The magnetic earbuds, the tangle free wire and the black metallic glow with yellow color markings will catch your attention. Just Go For It! An Excellent Product Available In This Price Range! Great Value For Money!

    Feb 16,2021

  • Mary Walton
    Great quality earphones
    For this budget I cant ask for more. The overall package is durable and quite impressive. The most important thing is that the sound quality is THE BEST. The noise reduction is good. The bass feels good and not muddy bass. The treble is a little muted but that doesn't make the high frequency soft. I use the sony at my home and bring the realme to my workplace and use that during commute.

    Feb 13,2021

  • Rae Hobbes
    It's a really awesome earphone!!
    Bass is great. Sound Quality is amazing. I could clearly recognise the left, right and center audio adjustment. Calling experience is great. It has volume up & down buttons which is very handy! It has tangle free wire and a rubber band to adjust the size of the wire according to your need! Overall I loved it very much. You can go for it!

    Feb 13,2021

  • Ana Brown
    Very nice earphones.
    Very nice earphones. Half cable is breaded (from 3.5 mm audio jack to split point). Quality of cable is very nice and feels somewhat premium. Earphone material is very sterdy. Silicon tips are very comfortable to wear.
    You can control volume levels as well. Cable quality is very nice.
    Overall good product in this price range.

    Feb 17,2021

  • Jill Veblen
    Amazing product
    This is a good earphone from real me.great design Bass is excellent and great quality.large size bud is greater bass. if you have any Realme mobile this would be best buy becoz of excellent real sound technology..

    Feb 14,2021

  • Gloria
    Omg 11 nm drivers. Sound beast
    Realme is offering some cool earphones at cheap price. I didn't wanted to mention its cable is also very good quality and this will not tangle easily

    Feb 18,2021

  • Estelle
    Decent bass, good clarity, good noise cancellation and most important for me was its build quality since I am a rough handler. Does the job for me.

    Feb 20,2021

  • Leah J
    Value for money product!!!
    I am not an audiophile but have the knack to pick up subtle differences, and this earphone is better than those within the range of 500 - 1500.

    Feb 23,2021

  • Mark Lee
    First impressions of the product packaging and presentation was awesome. Checked with the earphone it's pretty good.

    Feb 11,2021