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Примечание: пользователи могут участвовать в игре только один раз в день.

Активность: с 13 по 20 марта 2019
Coupon Rain Rules:
1. The event takes place from March 13-20 (inclusive).
2. Each customer can participate once per day only.
3. Participating users must be logged into a verified account.
4. During each round, each user has 10 seconds to grab coupons.
5. Any coupons won can be accessed on ‘My Coupon’.
6. Event coupon is not valid for certain products.
7. Coupons are valid for use from March 19-21 (inclusive).
8. For technical reasons, the ability to participate will depend on the user's location (country/area).
9. The number of coupons is limited, users need to share the game to improve their chance of winning a prize.
10. Gearbest reserves the right to cancel the coupon(s) and/or related orders without compensation should a participating user violate the T&C of Gearbest.
11. Gearbest reserves the right to amend the activity guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Staff (https://support.gearbest.com/).aff. (https://support.gearbest.com/)

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