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  • toodalou
    I bought this set to get me started because it has good reviews and a good price,if you do it correctly you should be able to touch the nail and pretty much do anything with your hands

    Jul 20,2017

  • priscilla lopez
    I am new to doing my own gel nails and I was a little worried about how cheap these were compared to more well known brands,i purchased this with a color polish from the same brand

    May 04,2016

  • Dvornic
    i like
    now I can cook safely , certainly will not forget anything in the oven and burn longer due to the clock

    Sep 17,2016

  • Marco
    Useful for nail art addicted
    Perfect for nail art addicted: apply it simply in order to have a good manicure or to realize the so called "sponge manicure". Peel off

    Nov 12,2016

  • Shops a lot
    I was nervous about trying yet another brand of uv polish,this brand is amazing,the shine that it provides over my nails is great

    Sep 09,2016

  • Randy Lee
    It glides over the nails and has a beautiful shine,they have small bottles because it thickens and blotches after a while

    Oct 18,2016

  • Igor Shaydullov
    Жидкая кожа для маникюра
    Качество вроде нормальное, но учтите жидкость "пахнет", и не сказать, что приятно

    Sep 09,2016

  • MadMom
    This was a great deal with good reviews,it cures very quickly and leaves a beautiful shine on my natural nails

    Jul 09,2016

  • MOMOf3NJ
    I've been a long time fan of the gelish but wanted to find something more affordable,price was great too

    Mar 11,2017

  • SJR Photography
    See picture of my nails that are two weeks old,my nails look as good as they were the day I did them

    Jul 24,2016