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  • Otto Marner
    Well Defined and Bright images
    I purchased this video projector to organize a surprise game at a birthday evening, connecting it to the PC I managed to project the game to a large area, and let everyone participate, thanks to the excellent brightness, having a lot of fun. Furthermore, the following days I tested it to see some movies by connecting it to my U disk, I put it even a little under stress in conditions of not complete shadow and it still seems to maintain image quality, obviously when the lights are off / in the dark the quality is definitely higher and exhale the maximum potential. What can I say, I am really satisfied with the purchase, the projector also looks good in materials.
    Great product, highly recommended also for the quality / price ratio.

    Mar 26,2019

  • Abraham Susan
    Great little projector, if your expectations are realistic
    What is this little unit? Well, it's a fantastic "movie night" projector for a gathering of family and friends at an amazing price.
    It can PLAY 1080p content from an HDMI, RF card or USB device, the 1920x1080 resolution with professional color bring vivid pictures right in front of me. This projector has the automatic trapezoid correction function, no need to adjust the angle little by little, very convenient. And the cooling system works really good, when the temperature is too high, it will automatically stop the power. It has a compact size smaller than the palm, so it’s very convenient for carrying and placing, meanwhile it can provide large display area and HD videos, see every detail clearly.

    Mar 07,2019

  • Les Silas
    Good projector at an economical price
    I had wanted a projector for a long time, after thinking a lot and, going back several times, and looking at thousands and thousands, I chose this Orimag P9, and it was the best I could do. I am VERY happy with it, I did not expect it to be so good, it is tiny but bully, the image looks like pearls, and it can be adjusted as you want. It is very intuitive to use, I did not even use the instructions that came because it really is very easy to use. As for the noise it makes, I do not even notice it when I'm watching a movie or series. It has for HDMI (comes the cable), and also can connect to various devices.
    Undoubtedly one of the best purchases of the year, I feel like I'm in the movies in my own home, it's a real hoot.

    May 04,2019

  • June Habakkuk
    Light, Easy to setup
    The projector was easy to set up. Low weight for portability and easier mounting. My toddler really enjoys the cinema-experience that this projector provides.
    3 people found this helpful

    Apr 13,2019

  • Mortimer Lowell
    Awesome product!
    The video is clear and high quality. And the sound is loud enough for family use. Also, the projector is light and easy to use and storage. I would like to recommend this product to my friends.

    May 11,2019

  • Mick North
    Great value and practical.
    This Orimag P9 is really a great office work helper, the battery is very durable and the performance is stable, its stylish appearance makes it compatible even in the office.

    Apr 07,2019

  • Booth Monroe
    work well
    Even with my living room light on, I can still see the picture, although, I would recommend VERY minimal lighting. The picture quality is better than my television.

    May 13,2019

  • Avery Wild
    Very satisfied
    I'm really happy with the quality of the graphics and the speed of the 5G transmission, without any delay, which is really great for gamers like me.

    May 01,2019

  • Hermosa Morris
    Love it!
    It far exceeded my expectations!
    The projector is very light and it is really easy to use. The remote control is also excellent.

    May 04,2019

  • Justin Brewster
    Perfect mini projector for family!
    As for home use, it's fantastic! Large screen, good image quality and good sound, for this price, you can't find something better.

    Apr 07,2019