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  • Luís
    Motospeed V60 Wired Gaming Mouse
    Description: Beat the rival in the games accurately and quickly in the games, this Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse will be your best partner to bring you powerful performance. Adjustable DPI will improve your level, and LED light makes your night more fantastic. The mouse's grip accommodates any type of hold a player prefers, making it suitable for all types of video games. Like most of the gaming mouses, this gaming mouse comes with dedicated customization software, you may change the functionality of the buttons to design your own mouse. Personal tweaks make all the difference. Customize a special mouse that feels just right for you. Features at a glance: - Adjustable 8-level resolution, provides 500 / 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000DPI - With colorful LED lights on the bottom - Supports 7 programmable buttons, makes your own special mouse - With rubber scroll to give you added control - Provides 20 million click times Perfect gaming partner With the 8-level adjustable resolution, which is up to 5000DPI, zero smoothing or filtering for consistent responsiveness and control at any speed, switches quickly so that you will make a great performance in games. With a cool appearance, LED light makes you have a wonderful gaming enjoyment Make more special The bottom of the mouse uses aluminum alloy material, with a colorful lamp circle, makes it lighter in the dark. Supports 7 programmable keys, you may make a basic setting, advanced setting, breathing LED setting, customizes whatever you like and to do a one of a kind mouses Advanced optical sensor Adopts PMW3325 optical sensor, gets maximum tracking accuracy from our most responsive optical sensor. Exclusive optical sensor technology minimizes mouse acceleration and increases reliable targeting
    No one

    Jan 27,2018

  • Steavatron
    Far better than any mouse I've ever used, period.
    So, I've never used a mouse with a 'proper' sensor in it before, only those cheap $5 wireless mice that you can get from pretty much any shop. This is a whole different thing.The tracking feels super accurate, and you can customise just how sensitive you want it to be. I like it at 1500dpi. The buttons all have a good weight to them. None of them feel too light or too heavy to press and they all have good travel. The wheel has a nice texture that makes it comfortable to use, and the steps feel really good when you're rolling it. The buttons that change DPI by default are also really nice to press. They're in a good position, out of the way when you don't need them, but easy to reach when you do. I've never pressed anything by accident. The shape is really comfortable to hold. Much better than my magic mouse. The weight is good. It's nice and heavy in the hand which I like. It makes it feel solid. The rubber feet are really smooth, making the glide awesome. It feels like there's pretty much no resistance when it's on my mousepad. The LEDs are easy to customise once you get the software. It doesn't come across accurately in my pictures, but you can trust the product images. It really does look that good in person. The plastic is pure white and there are no discolourations that I noticed.The only thing to complain about would be the fact that I couldn't customise the logo LED. It allows you to choose between 8 colours (red, dark blue, green, white, cyan, yellow, orange, and pink), but none of them match the blue I wanted so I just use the white instead.

    Nov 11,2018

  • luis silva
    Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse
    Bata o rival nos jogos com precisão e rapidez nos jogos, este Motospeed V60 Gaming Mouse será o seu melhor parceiro para lhe proporcionar um desempenho poderoso.O DPI ajustável melhora o seu nível e a luz LED torna a sua noite mais fantástica.O punho do mouse acomoda qualquer tipo de espera que um jogador prefira, tornando-o adequado para todos os tipos de videogames.Como a maioria dos mouses de jogos, este mouse de jogo vem com software de personalização dedicado, você pode alterar a funcionalidade dos botões para projetar seu próprio mouse.Os ajustes pessoais fazem toda a diferença. Personalize um mouse especial que parece certo para você.

    Aug 23,2018

  • Miss A
    Diving on on this style of mouse you really need to consider what you're comfortable with, i have short sausage fingers and my hands aren't that big, many of the extra buttons on this mouse were of no practical use to me as I was accidentally clicking the wrong buttons when trying to hit the ones I wanted, ultimately ended up with a Razer that has two thumb buttons and is a more regular mouse shape and I'm much happier, this was recommended to me by a friend and he loves his so this is very much personal commentary and does not necessarily reflect the quality of the product which is fine

    Aug 23,2018

  • Matheus Batalha
    Ótimo mouse para jogos // Great gaming mouse
    Um produto excelente, chegou dentro do prazo programado do frete, não tive que pagar taxa de importação do produto.Excelente qualidade, tanto no cabo do mouse, quanto nos botões de clique e no scroll. O programa para regulagem de DPI e dos efeitos do RGB dele vem em chinês, mas você consegue alterar a linguagem se pesquisar como fazer na internet (tem apenas em inglês, poderia ter português-br no programa).A compra foi feita no dia 02/02/2018, foi postado no dia 05/02/2018 e chegou no Brasil em 15/02/2018, sendo liberado de Curitiba no dia 26/02/2018, chegou pra mim cerca de um mês depois da liberação dele sem taxa.

    Sep 04,2018

  • Longjohnsilvers
    This mouse is great, it has a very smooth feel in your hand and the buttons are easily available but out of the way when you don't need them, the additional weights add a little more feedback when moving around, the laser underneath is dim compared to other mice so if you pick it up you will not blind yourself, change the lighting and sensitivity of the mouse and it's all very straightforward, i have large hands and I find my pinky and ring finger slide along my desk if I use a palm grip

    Jul 01,2018

  • B. Gregory
    This mouse is extremely accurate, it tracks over a wide variety of surfaces and the addition of the weights in the bottom really helps fine tune the balance and overall weight, a lot of reviews were saying it was too heavy but I think it's perfect without any added weights, the sniper button is also nice but fatiguing if used for a while depending on your grip, i also can not stop playing with the `` infinite scroll wheel'', solid mouse and a great bargain if you can find it on sale

    Jun 24,2018

  • Peter
    Motospeed V60 short review
    Pros: - scroll wheel is pretty good, not too easy to scroll, but not too hard either - the scroll button has a perfect acutation force for me - the build quality is surprisingly good The build quality is very good for a mouse in this price segment. The scroll wheel is good, it's pretty tactile, but it's not hard to scroll through the notches.
    Cons: - the mousefeet weren't put on correctly - there is a 20 g unnecessary built-in weight - the main buttons are mushy and non-tactile - the cable is very stiff and thick - the driver is in Chinese only - the firmware is bad, there is 4 ms input lag in all CPI steps of the sensor Also I am around 60% sure that my mouse was used before, there were markings on the left button and up in the front, plus the scroll wheel was a bit grimy/dusty. Either it was refurbished, or somebody didn't put on their gloves at the assembly line, or I don't know but I never had this issue with any mouse before. The sensor can take up around 3.6 m/s of speed, above it spins out in a rather funky way. You will aim at your legs and the camera starts spinning. The Kana V1 had this issue back a few years ago. Now this is the maximum the sensor can take by default, so it's not the manufacturer's fault. On the other hand the firmware is so badly written that the sensor has 4 ms input lag in all CPI steps. On 144 Hz this actually can be noticed. The main buttons are rather bad/mushy, not too tactile, yet not easy to press in.

    Feb 20,2018

  • Tim from Massachusetts
    I've owned several different gaming mouses over the years and none compare to this one, it feels absolutely amazing in my hands like it was molded for them, i LOVE the scroll wheel option for free scroll or precise scrolling, no other gaming mouse I have owned has felt so free on my mouse pad than this one, i LOVE the macro key changing option in the logitech software so I can keybind my mouse buttons to whatever key I want on my keyboard

    Aug 31,2018

  • Duane Giddens
    The programmable buttons are very nicely placed, easy to push and the software used to set it up is easy to use, perfect for having multiple set ups for different games, this mouse has removable weights in it, i love having them in and using this quite heavy mouse, it over all has a very sturdy feel and the cable is very sturdy and does not feel like it will easily wear out, recommend to all gamers looking for a good mouse

    Jan 13,2018