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Мужские британские универсальные мягкие ботинки с средним верхом

Мужские британские универсальные мягкие ботинки с средним верхом

- Чёрный 41

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    COD Этот продукт поддерживает наложенный платеж при доставке. Совет: не размещайте заказы на товары не наложенным платежом, иначе Вы не сможете выбрать способ оплаты наложенным платежом.
    Отправка между: Aug 19 - Aug 21, Расчетное время доставки: рабочих дней Время обработки заказа может занять несколько дней. После отправки со склада время доставки (или доставки) зависит от способа доставки.
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  • Беспроцентный Вы можете наслаждаться максимальной 0 беспроцентной рассрочкой, и может не пользоваться этим предложением при размещении заказов с другими товарами "
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Элегантный, архитектурный плоский ботинок, который выглядит так хорошо, как кажется. Нет-декоративные просто показывает высококачественную верхнюю и сверхмягкую подошву PU и подошву. Мужественный силуэт подходит для вашего твердого персонажа. Идеально подходит для случайных и официальных мероприятий.

• Верхний материал: PU
• Материал подошвы: TPR



Тип: Ботинки
Материалы: PU,TPR
Тип узора: Твердый
Стиль: неформальный,деловой,деловой,удобный,модный,повседневный,стильный
Типы застежек: на шнуровке
Материал подошвы: TPR
Форма носка: круглая
Верхний Материал: PU
Сезоны: осень,весна
Применение: Slip Resistant

Мужские британские универсальные мягкие ботинки с средним верхом- Чёрный 41

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EU US Foot Length
39 7 9
40 7.5 9
41 8 9
42 8.5 10
43 9 10
44 9.5 10
EU US Foot Length
39 7 24.5
40 7.5 25
41 8 25.5
42 8.5 26
43 9 26.5
44 9.5 27

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    I've been on the hunt for a good pair of black moc toe boots for a while, Black boots are a little tough to find in wide widths so in the past I've tried to fit my feet into Red Wing black moc toe boots but they were just painful, I kept my expectations low when I ordered these because of how much I wanted to like Red Wings and how much I was disappointed by the lack of black options available in wide width that fit my feet, My intention is to wear them as casual shoes and not hard workers and they just look great, The comfort was perfect out of the box, The inside sole is soft plus I add my orthotics and they are still plenty wide, I swapped out the laces for black leather ones and cut the little made in the USA tag off but I have already ditched my old boots and couldn't be more pleased with the Thorogood boots

    Nov 15,2017

  • Donald P. Trump
    I don't usually write raving reviews but I am very happy with these Timberland Chocurua Trail GTX Gortex boots, It didn't get any colder than that but I think the boots would have been warm even if it were somewhat colder, I wore a relatively thin ski sock and that was perfect for the regular M size, I bought the Chocurua Gortex instead of the Timberland White Ledge because I live in Florida The Gortex boots are lighter and breathe better and I felt I would get more use out of them in warm weather than I would of the all leather design of the White Ledge, Good arch support on these, I actually find this Timberland more comfortable than my Ecco Track II Gortex boots that cost twice as much because the arch support is better in the Timberland

    May 14,2018

  • Reuben Isright
    the heritage boots fit as expected had a very short break in time maybe a week very comfortable with the right inserts the only thing I didn't care for was the tread the sole seems thick enough but the tread is barely an eighth of an inch thick I expect these boots to last at least a year so I hope the tread wears good also from the sewing process on the inside the excess leather was folded toward the heel and when you put your foot in it would curl the other way pressing against your foot should be folded toward the toe area or put in a thin lining anyways I will see how they last and would recommend them to friends

    Nov 30,2018

  • Brian Sullivan
    I've never really had a good pair of work boots or hiking boots, I really can't say enough about these boots, They are warmer than running shoes, but still breathable enough that my feet don't get sweaty, They are very comfortable and provide great ankle support, which is important for me because I sprained my ankle badly about a year ago and still have some discomfort in that ankle from time to time, The material and construction are high quality, My feet stay perfectly dry so the goretex seems to do its job, If these are still being produced when my current pair wears out I will definitely buy another pair

    Nov 22,2018

  • . L
    I work outdoors mixing and spraying herbicides and pesticides so I needed a lightweight work boot that was waterproof, These boots were awesome when I first used them, My boots get constantly soaked when I wash equipment and in freezing cold weather it sucks to have soaked boots ; the boots saved my feet from getting wet and exposed to chemicals i sprayed, I have tried many boots searching for the perfect one for my work environment and I think these are the one and only I will use, I would definitely buy a second pair as a backup, These boots are so lightweight sometimes I don't realize I have them on

    Sep 14,2018

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Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

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