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  • Gabriel
    Very good tablet
    No dual-boot, this means the capacity of 32 Gb is not conditioned by other OS (Android) like other tablets. After all Windows updates and spanish language pack 10 Gb of capacity remains free (only chinese and english languages are pre-installed at the beginning).
    Installed a 128 Gb micro-SD card without problems.

    The 1280x800 resolution is good enough, altough is not marvellous. Good levels of brightness.

    The USB 3.0 is an excellent addition and you can use this port with a USB hub for using peripheral like mouse and keyboard.

    The micro-HDMI is another good detail.

    Overall a very good tablet for the price.
    The micro-SD card is located in the backcover. Odd position.

    Battery is not great, although it is caused of the poor energy efficiency of Atom's processors. I recommend use the Windows 10 battery saver option when it's possible.

    Odd behavior of the power button sometimes when the tablet is in sleep mode.

    My tablet arrived without a power adapter, only the micro-USB cable.

    Jan 28,2017

  • Gabric
    This is just the tablet I wanted
    Love the design of this tablet, exactly what I wanted, USB 3.0 super fast, not common for a 8 inch tablet, it comes with a screen protector film, so you don't need to buy another one. also it comes with a 5V/2.0A power adapter for fast charging, you can use the tablet while charging, Intel Atom Quad-Core with 8.0 capacitive IPS multi-touch screen, besides the USB 3.0, you also got a micro USB, micro HDMI, a TF card slot, this tablet could be used as a notebook. Thanks Gearbest for providing such a great deal, very satisfied.
    Personally just love this tablet, so I refuse to tell you any cons about it. Oh, it took a long time to get it, about 30 days, but still a great deal worth waiting.

    Oct 04,2016

  • Marouane
    Jumper EZpad mini3 Tablet PC
    Tablets are the ideal choice if you want something that’s larger than a smartphone but is definitely not a laptop. But that does not mean you cannot use your tablet for functions that are basically done on laptops, as tablets nowadays allow you to attach keyboard made especially for them and it makes your tablet much more productive. Now everybody doesn’t want to spend on an iPad and want something that can do basic tasks like playing videos, reading ebooks, and reading/editing documents or emails, etc. Well, you can get a nice tablet

    Apr 13,2016

  • Roman
    Jumper EZpad MINI3 планшет
    быстрая доставка в течении 16 дней пришел
    хорошо держит батарею, около 7-8 часов при средней загрузке
    порт usb 3.0.
    памяти из 32 гб, было свободно всего 17 гб главное отключить обновления.
    нет зарядки
    нет OTG кабеля
    пришло в мятой коробке

    Jul 12,2016

  • Aleksey
    Стоит брать
    неплохая производительность;
    приемлемая цена;
    очень быстрая доставка в течении 21 дня пришел, чему был очень рад;
    хорошо держит батарею, покра не мере у меня:
    при нажатии на экран нет размытий, как на чуви;
    играл в вов на нем 25-30 фпс на средних настройках графики;
    порт usb 3.0.
    качество сборки, скрипит:
    маловато памяти из 32 гб, было свободно всего 12 гб

    May 28,2016

  • Mihail
    EZpad MINI3
    Впечатления только положительные, отличная сборка, дизайн порадовал, пластик отнюдь не дешовский! Ну а про полноценный ЮСБ это вообще отдельная история. Рекомендую.
    Греется :(

    Sep 15,2016

  • T.O.M.
    Great Product
    -- good performance from a cheaply priced windows tablet
    -- quick delivery for FREE - arrived in 2 weeks
    -- rare 8 inch tablet with an usb 3.0 port
    -- definitely a 'good bang for the buck' tablet
    none yet

    Jul 07,2016

  • Francesco
    Quasi perfetto
    È un tablet piccolo e leggero, molto comodo da usare fuori casa (io lo uso per l'università) ma può anche essere utilizzato per vedere contenuti online (Netflix e simili) al proprio televisore di casa (se non è smart) tramite cavo HDMI. Inoltre questo tablet riceve aggiornamenti di Windows 10 senza alcun problema.
    Il display non è dei migliori, ma dato il prezzo...

    Mar 08,2017

  • carl0508
    Muy buenos extras
    Al solo tener windows funciona mas rapido y tiene mas espacio para las actualizaciones
    Tiene buen bateria
    Funciona bien, con soltura y sin relentizaciones
    Es potente con videos y aplicaciones sencillas
    Cuenta con un puerto usb de tamaño completo
    La pantalla no es de tan buena calidad como la de otras marcas
    El diseño es tosco
    La calidad de construccion no es tan fina como la de otras marcas.

    Nov 20,2017

  • Charly
    Briliant screen and good touch
    Good Value for money
    full USB 3 Port
    Good Wifi signal
    Good CPU Power
    Interference problems when WiFi + Bluetooth activated
    WiFi-Problems with wireless Mouse
    Stability problems in always-on operation

    Oct 02,2017