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  • zloyskin
    Отпахал два года
    Отработал два года, можно сказать верой и правдой. Практически каждый день, точнее, каждую ночь. Аккумулятор держится молодцом, спустя два года, 5 часов всё ещё вполне себе. Трижды падал на кафельную плитку, после чего включался и работал. Использовался в хвост и в гриву, сопровождал меня во всех поездках. Из-за падений и нахождения в переполненном рюкзаке алюминиевый корпус погнулся ,поэтому тачскрин вышел из строя и начал глючить (фантомные касания и прочее), пользоваться, как планшеткой стало сложно, поэтому просто отключил тачскрин, по-прежнему пользуюсь, как ноутбуком. При использовании во время зарядки корпус сильно греется. Проц конечно слабоват. Но в целом я доволен более чем. За свою цену он отработал на ура.

    Oct 01,2018

  • Jose
    Práctica y útil
    Buena construcción, gracias a la carcasa de alumnio da impresión de solidez. Tiene 3 conectores usb tamaño normal, para poder conectar pendrives y memorias sin tener que necesitar adaptadores ni nada, uno de ellos 3.0, los otros 2.0, para teclados en español o ratones. Buena pantalla y resolución, responde bien al tacto. La pinza de la parte trasera es enormemente útil, oculta una ranura para tarjetas de memoria. La memoria interna es amplia para un uso de oficina. En general es rápida, no está pensada para jugar pero seguro que soportaría algunos juegos ligeros. La funda es bonita y se engancha bien al conector de abajo con fuerza, es usb y no bluetooth como otras fundas/teclado así que no gasta batería extra por eso.
    La batería quizás dura poco y tarda mucho en cargar. El teclado es inglés, pero con pegatinas o algo se podría hacer pasar por español, y el trackpad es demasiado sensible para mi gusto. Pesa bastante, pero nunca he tenido otras tablets así que quizás es mi sensación o soy un enclenque sin fuerza en los brazos.
    No está relacionado con el producto, pero el envío rápido (que fue rápido), pasó por la aduana y me cobraron 40 euros.

    Apr 09,2016

  • nanometri
    Awesome tab
    - Screen is OK. I previously used Vi10 so a bit improvement on that side. Wide screen does not bother me, kinda like it.
    - Connectivity is very good, all ports are working nicely.
    - On the Windows side everything was OK, english language, 64 bit, activated, no preinstalled crap
    - Overall build quality seem rather nice, but we’ll see how the back hinge will stand usage

    I ordered it from gearbest, packing was OK but it look like it was beaten by angry vikings or accountants when it arrived so It was a bit scary to see if the tablet was in one piece. No damage found =)
    - Thick as hell and a bit heavy but main use for this will be mobile-school-entertainment-office-system-thingie so that does not bother me
    - First impression on the keyboard was that it is quite bad but after using it couple of hours it felt OK. Touchpad is bad but I’m using bluetooth mouse anyway

    Apr 24,2016

  • Charles
    Fast FREE DHL Express shipping
    Better than expected performance. It is not fast, but it works perfectly for web browsing and video streaming. Totally no problem to stream 1080p video from my NAS.
    Screen is bright and colorful, touch screen is sensitive and accurate.
    Metal case makes this machine cooling down pretty easily, no over heat problem.
    Looks reliable so far (after 1 week of use). Better than my big brand ultra book, it has big problem after a couple day of use, and it costs more than twice the price of this Jumper PC!
    The keyboard feels very nice.
    I noticed there are two tiny "dead pixels" (permanent red) on the screen, but I think I can live with it very happily. With such low price, I think it already does a wonderful job!

    Aug 29,2016

  • vincent
    Jumper Ezpad tablet pc received
    Just received the tablet pc Jumper Ezpad 5S. Delivery was fast took less than 10days to delivery! Bought during flash sale. Price UsS$200 reasonably before discount. Use my point to offset the purchase. The tablet weight around 900g plus the attach keyboard around 1kg! It is rather heavy compare to Surface pro 4 . But the price rather cheap cant complaint much right? Perfomance I would say reasonable use not very fast compare with high end model. Overall it is ok for normal use.
    It is too heavy if you would to carry frequently around. Cpu atom not suitable for intensive application.

    Jun 30,2016

  • Vladislav
    разумный выбор за свои деньги
    доставка курьером очень быстро, все было в целости и сохранности, хотя коробка слегка помятая....винда на английском но полно инструкций как руссифицировать, во включенном режиме планшет не заряжается, но с аккумулятором все впорядке, за 3 часа зарядился без вопросов...заряд держит хорошо...
    подключенные наушники не фонят, карта памяти удеживается нормально, тач скрин умеренно чуствительный, углы обзора шикарные...
    в комплекте зарядник с американской вилкой но положили переходник

    Jun 18,2016

  • Rolf Berger
    Jumper Ezpad 5s - i love it!
    The jumper ezpad 5s is indeed a well build tablet.
    Solid as a rock, everything fits, nice colorful screen.
    The speakers are quit good for a device of that price.
    Homebutton on tablet has function not only a print.
    Windows 64 home version activated. German language by download - no problems.
    The price is really low for a not cheap tablet.
    I would do it again.
    Perfect contact to Gearbest - thanks to Marge.
    Takes a little bit long for shipment, false declaration for customs gave some problems. Everything else with Gerbest was very nice and kind.

    Apr 12,2016

  • bill morley
    excellent tablet looks are really good ease of use i have just put office 2016 on to this jumper easy to install i have an 128g sd card in it works very well, installed a few apps with ease just to say a had a problem with key board but i have not seen a key board like this it was stuck on fn button so keys did not work properly but sorted it out and works really well know done some updates installed Ok, usb ports are so handy on a tablet

    Apr 09,2016

  • Jamie Meza
    Loving this so far
    Versatile best of a machine with a sick 11.6" screen. Colors pop, everything is easy to read on the FHD display. Intel CPU is a fricking monster under the hood. The design is super slim-line, really nice to use this. Sure, it's a rip off of the Surface but it's done very tastefully and the performance is a treat. No real problems anywhere, it's a superb, enjoyable experience. Great price too for the quality you get.
    There's no keyboard, depends how much typing you want to be doing :D

    Mar 19,2016

  • Vlad
    Perfect device
    I use this device for several days and I'm shocked, because it is perfect. I always bought only brand items before, but this works perfectly. The size is perfect, battery also works good. I have version with keyboard is really easy to connect tablet with it. I use it only for office tasks and internet and it is enough processor for that tasks. I'm really happy with device and recommend it much.

    May 09,2016