iBlue картонные 3D VR очки для смартфонов, 3D индивидуальная кинотеатр, с функцией магнитного датчика для 3.5 - 5.5" смартфонов

iBlue картонные 3D VR очки для смартфонов, 3D индивидуальная кинотеатр, с функцией магнитного датчика для 3.5 - 5.5" смартфонов

- Темный хаки 134918601

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Основные особенности:
Простые и недорогие очки виртуальной реальности своими руками
Изготовлен из высокопрочной гофрированной бумаги
Процесс установки прост и может быть завершена в течение 3 минут
Можно управлять телефоном с магнитами
Подходит для 3.5-5.5-дюймовый экран мобильного телефона
Примечание: Телефон в изображении не включена



Бренд: iBlue
Тип очки VR: картон
Особенности: облегченный,стильный
Материал: Картона
Совместимость Смартфонов: 3.5 - 5.5 дюймов
Совместимые Устройства: Устройства Андроид,Устройства iOS
Цвет: Хаки

Размеры и вес

Вес упаковки: 0.050 кг
Размер продукта (Д х Ш х В): 13.4 x 8.8 x 9 см / 5.27 x 3.46 x 3.54 дюйма
Размер упаковки (Д x Ш x В): 15 x 11.5 x 4 см / 5.90 x 4.52 x 1.57 дюймов


Комплектация: 1 x 3D очки картон, 2 x объектива, 2 x липучки, 2 x магнита
iBlue картонные 3D VR очки для смартфонов, 3D индивидуальная кинотеатр, с функцией магнитного датчика для 3.5 - 5.5
iBlue картонные 3D VR очки для смартфонов, 3D индивидуальная кинотеатр, с функцией магнитного датчика для 3.5 - 5.5
iBlue картонные 3D VR очки для смартфонов, 3D индивидуальная кинотеатр, с функцией магнитного датчика для 3.5 - 5.5
iBlue картонные 3D VR очки для смартфонов, 3D индивидуальная кинотеатр, с функцией магнитного датчика для 3.5 - 5.5
iBlue картонные 3D VR очки для смартфонов, 3D индивидуальная кинотеатр, с функцией магнитного датчика для 3.5 - 5.5

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  • Tim
    Cardboard VR
    The Cardboard experience is driven by the apps you'll find on Google Play or Apple's App store. And Adult Swim's Virtual Brainload VR app for Cardboard is a handful of buttery, salty popcorn dumped directly onto your cerebral cortex. It's an overwhelming celebration of color and sound; also little nauseating, but mostly wholly incomprehensible. Mystifying colors are paired with haunting sounds capped with a cynical homage to Americana, before you're dumped unceremoniously back where you've started. And like popcorn (or whatever your preferred snack is), it's over far too soon. Low cost The low cost of Google Cardboard is one of the major reasons for growth in the virtual reality cardboard market. The cardboard is made from recycled paper, lenses are made out of plastic, and the magnet is made up of neodymium material. These are all easily-accessible materials, which means that the final product isn’t subject to the extreme price fluctuations normally observed in tech. Large number of vendors The whole point of Google Cardboard is accessibility. There are several local and global vendors in the market producing the device, and consumers can even make their own if buying one isn’t in the cards (although it is generally cheaper to buy one than make it yourself). The number of vendors in the market is increasing, with many expected to enter the listed vendors category on Google's website, and many other local vendors taking advantage of the low entry barriers in the market. Easy to set up and use Google Cardboard is one of the simplest virtual reality headsets to set up and use, with only three basic steps for setup: Assemble the Google Cardboard as per instructions provided by the manufacturer or buy an assembled kit Download VR applications and scan the QR code to personalize settings Place the smartphone in the cardboard to experience VR Apps for Google Cardboard are easily available for Android users, and Google has also released an SDK for iPhone users using the Unity platform.
    Lack of content and low resolution apps Although consumers are generally happy with Google Cardboard, the product still lacks the content that could make it a daily-use product. The free apps that are currently available offer an immersive experience but are not utility apps. However, in Google’s view this might not actually be a problem. Google Cardboard was developed to understand the needs of VR consumers and provide a platform for VR developers to create content. Developers are expected to come up with enterprise applications for teleconferencing, training and simulation, and designing through the forecast period. Simulation sickness Low-cost? Yes. Accessible? Yes. A perfect solution? Not so much. Simulation sickness—which is the result of a disparity between a perceived experience and what one actually experiences— is a big challenge for the Google Cardboard. Vendors are working on developing better optics with advanced head tracking technology that could solve this problem in the next few years, in the hopes that users will be able to use the device for more than 15 minutes at a time. Hardware limitations Certain smartphones do not function effectively in Google Cardboard due to poor hardware specifications. Low processing power, internal memory, outdated processors, and low-quality displays are some of the issues that users might face. VR apps operate in high-quality resolution but many smartphone displays available in the market today are not capable of handling these graphics. Additionally, the magnet that is used in the cardboard design might not work efficiently with all phones since magnetometers in certain phones might be placed away from the cardboard's magnet. Annoying as they may be, hardware issues will hardly be a deal breaker for Google Cardboard. Phones will get more powerful, and vendors will start developing technology meant to be used for VR, which will only help the virtual re

    Oct 08,2016

  • pillera
    Good buy
    Fantastico! Google CardBoard, idea geniale da 1,3$ (VARIABILE) per provare la realta aumentata con lo smartphone in sostanza, una scatola di cartone + due lenti + il tuo smartphone = REALTA’ VIRTUALE ! Google CardBoard, sfrutta i sensori del cellulare, il geniale pulsante / calamita (non in tutti i modelli c’è) e due lenti ti permette di giocare a giochi (Cerca VR nel google PLAY) o vedere Film con VaR’s VR Video player questa google cardboard presa da GearBest è di buona qualità l’ assembli, metti l’elastico e le due calamite lo smartphone davanti e fissi le lenti fissa il cartone e le lenti con la colla altrimenti perché il cartone non è molto stabile ci h messo un po’ a capirlo ma quando i giochi ti chiedono di cliccare basta abbassare la calamita! GENIALE!!! ho preso un modello più solido in plastica, e sorpresa … non aveva questa calamita! bisogna usare un gamepad bluetooth non sembra ma l’elastico tiene bene attento a quando scegli la cardboard perché c’è scritta la dimensione supportata di display dello smartphone ecco le calamite e il velcro per chiudere lo sportellino frontale lo consiglio a tutti, è una esperienza assolutamente da provare! come vedi da 3.5 a 5.5 pollici di display, io ho un Nexus 5 e ci sta bene nota l’assoluta semplicità dell’ idea di Google su amazon lo stesso identico costa minimo dieci volte di più scarica l’app “CARDBOARD” per calibrare il visore e poi inizia a provare tutte le app che troverai cercando la parola VR ultimo consiglio: provalo con le cuffie !

    Feb 24,2017

  • colin
    If you are looking to see what VR is like on your phone get this.
    I payed less than £1 delivered because of some GB points I had so it's disposable at that price, but I found I have used it quite a lot on loads of different apps. I have an iPhone 6 It's brilliant to just test the concept on your phone. Your not going to get oculus rift standard of image but it's good enough to get you into short games or videos. Your not going to want to wear this for long unless you put some straps on and foam to make it comfortable. I did cut out a section for the power button as I kept turning the phone off but it's made of cardboard so it's really easy to do. brilliant use of cardboard :) as for putting it together there are loads of videos on YouTube that show you how, but it's really simple.

    Feb 21,2016

  • Will
    iBlue DIY Cardboard 3D VR Glasses Smart Phone from Gearbest.com
    Arrived in good time from gearbest.com, within 2 weeks. All parts needed were in the package. Perfect setup if you want to get an initial idea of what VR is all about. I'll definately move on now and purchase a more purpose build headset with straps having had the experience. Nice little gadget to show off to people how've never heard of or seen Google Cardboard. Be aware you will need G-Sensor / Gyroscope and NFC in your smartphone for this to work.
    None really. I was fully aware this is makeshift, you can 'mod' it to your liking with a bit of extra velcro or scotch tape but it does its purpose. No assembly instructions are supplied but easy to find searching youtube for iblue cardboard.

    Mar 21,2016

  • adel
    Hallo freund, Nachdem man auf seinem Smartphone eine Virtual Reality Anwendung / Video (z.B. Google Cardboard App, Youtube VR Videos) gestartet hat, kann man es in die Brille einlegen und diese aufsetzen. Schon befindet man sich in einer anderen Welt. Außerdem hat die Brille einen kleinen Hebel, der einen Touch auf dem eingelegten Smartphone ausführt. Manche VR Anwendungen starten beispielsweise bei einem langen Klick ein Menü, in dem man dann mithilfe von Kopfbewegungen navigieren kann um hier zum Beispiel ein Video vorzuspulen oder zu pausieren. So muss man nicht jedes mal das Smartphone aus der Brille nehmen.

    Jul 15,2016

  • Tony Hammond
    Fully Recommend!!! But buy more than one!
    This is not just a piece of folded up cardboard. You get 2 lenses plus some other parts like rubber bands, velcro and 2 magnets, which make this a fantastic deal. Seriously. Look up on Youtube how to build it as its not totally straightforwards, and then download the Cardboard app from Google Play. Then your in for an amazing experience using google earth in 3D flying over towns and cities in VR! Not bad for so very little money!
    Its made of cardboard! You will need some tape as well. - DON'T JUST BUY ONE - YOU LIKELY NEED TWO OR MORE FOR OTHERS! Irritatingly - The best App for Cardboard VR is called 'Google Expeditions' This is FAR more awesome than the bog standard 'Cardboard' 3d VR experience. You can fly over Mars in VR on a Mars expedition which is updated by the hour with the latest data from Mars Rovers for example. But you cannot use this solo, you have to have at least 2 people with the Cardboard viewer.... SO BUY MORE THAN ONE PAIR - IT WON'T BREAK THE BANK!!! (It makes a great present as well)

    Jul 07,2016

  • Stas
    Nice VR experience
    Дешево, но для "побаловаться" пойдет. Легко собрать, но пришлось дополнительно укрепить перегородку, чтобы не вылетала. Ну и приклеил "маску зорро" для более полного погружения (она черная и мягкая, так приятнее), хотя теперь очки выглядят чуток пугающе :) Cheap and good. Have upgraded it with sheet of "leather", now it comfortable, but looks a little creepy :). P.s. Не получилось с гугл-карбоард подружить. Но есть отличное приложение "Sites in VR" с полезными настройками, в котором можно корректировать все параметры для идеального отображения.

    Jul 20,2016

  • John Swinders
    iBlue Google Cardboard
    Well, it essentially is a Chinese copy of the Google cardboard. The included rubber-band is actually supposed to act as a headstrap. Finally, the real kicker is that when the cardboard wears out, you could cut out another pattern from cardboard, and use the included pieces. As a bonus, cardboard is environmentally friendly, as it is decomposable, and recyclable
    The product keeps falling apart by itself, if no blu-tac is used, but blu-tac will hold it together very nicely. Rubber band included is supposed to be a headstrap, but just that it is awkward to use. But for $10 HKD, I'm not complaining.

    Mar 31,2016

  • Srđan
    I did not expect this quality
    - Looks good - Easy to pop out - MAGNET WORKS - this was the most important to me and I couldn't find many info about it. Yes. Magnet is used as a button and it does return to place once you trigger it To be honest, I didn't expect it to be this good as in quality, but I was greatly surprised. It works too, and if you are looking an entry level VR experience, this is definitely it.
    - No manual so you have to figure it out yourself or watch video, not that hard to make it work tho - No head band straps, so you have to hold unit while playing games but you can't expect everything for $1.39 ... - Galaxy S5 sticks out a bit from the unit, but the screen area works perfectly

    Jun 03,2016

  • Yoanna
    Estas gafas VR de CARTON no tienen nada que envidiarle a las de apariencia mas "PRO" hace exactamente lo mismo que las mas caras.Estan muy interesantes, se arman facilmente (puedes buscar ayuda en youtube) y en mi opinion realmente uno se termina cansando de las gafas cuando se pasa el momento , en cuanto baja y ve todos los videos y hasta un laargo tiempo no las vuelve a coger, para ese tiempo estas estan fenomenales yaa que no cuestan tanto y realmente hace lo mismo

    Apr 04,2018

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Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

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