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  • Влад
    лента для подсветки
    ленту с блоком питания получил, а вот контроллер с пультом - зажали. через недели две после отправки написали мне письмо, что контроллера у них нет на складе и вернули деньги за него. обидно, что взамен даже коннектор с ленты на БП не положили, вот теперь еще его искать отдельно.
    не всю комплектацию выслали

    Jan 10,2018

  • Сергей
    HML 5M 60 SMD 2835
    Теплый свет, реально около 3000к, светит достаточно ярко, в остальном описанию на сайте соответствует, длинна больше 5 метров в бобине. Доставка 10 дней. На фото баланс белого сработал из за чего свет кажется нейтральным на 4500к, на самом деле он теплый, как в галогенной лампе накаливания.
    Люменов в 500 не более.

    Apr 03,2017

  • Adrian
    Lumil led strip light
    The price is very good, the light is good for the eyes. The plastic role is slim and broke during transport and the led strip has been bent but fortunately it works. I didn't look well when I bought the product and I didn't see the has no connection only the wires. The red one is + and the black is -.
    Has no connection only the wires. The red one is + and the black is -. It would be good if you inform buyers which wire is plus and minus and you cannot connect to the EU plug.

    Oct 01,2017

  • Edgar Ramirez
    Just what I needed
    I had no preview experience with led lights, and this solved all my needs.
    I ordered it with the 2.1mm DC Female Power Jack Mini Connector Plug and the BRELONG DC 12V 1A AC Adapter for Strip Light. It works perfectly!
    It has a great calid glow!
    It's a great product, I have nothing to say againts it.

    Jan 13,2017

  • Hercules
    LED Ribbon
    I'm totally satisfied with the product quality and efficiency.The product fully complies with the descriptions and it's price make it a great deal.Totally recommended product, I will buy more certainly in the future too.

    Nov 03,2018

  • snic
    led strip
    Very bright light for such a small led . This was purchased for the construction of a photo light box to illuminate small objects . with 5 metres of led I can make sufficient light to photograph items .

    Dec 28,2018

  • Alexis PAQUES
    Feels dirty cheap and very easy to break.
    Badly, the device does feel ultra cheap. It is like the strip will just rip apart by touching it. Non water resistant.

    The strip is also much thinner than expected. I'm used to twice the width.

    Jan 16,2019

  • Alexandr
    Отзыв о товаре.
    5 метров, желтый цвет, хороший клеевой слой, быстрая доставка.

    Feb 02,2018

  • Led strip
    HML 5M 60 SMD 2835 / M 2400Lm Flexible LED Strip Light
    HML 5M 60 SMD 2835 / M 2400Lm Flexible LED Strip Light is nice strip, have nice color and work perfect

    Aug 03,2016

  • Dr. Fusion
    Just what I needed
    This light strip is just what I needed to lighten my garage at night. Perfect warm white light and the quality of this strip is very good. Highly recommended!

    Oct 16,2016