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  • Bluetooth Transmitter
    Да (1) Цвет: Black
    Bluetooth Transmitter
    This is a very useful device. It has multiple functions so it can act as a transmitter(Blue LED) and a receiver(Red LED). I use it as a transmitter for my old TV.its very simple to use. Just plug to any usb port of your tv or a charger and connect the AUX cable to the audio out port on your TV or any other instrument.The AUX cable is included with it.The audio quality is OK. There is a slight delay in the audio but its not a big problem for me.It has no battery included with it.I wish there was a button to switch modes. it remembers the last mode that it was used in by the way.Overall its a cheap way to add bluetooth to your old devices. Thanks Gearbest.

    Sep 25,2019

  • The Analyst Buyer
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    Pequeño y cómodo de llevar
    El paquete llegó en 15 días por correo sin registrar y en perfecto estado. Me ha gustado mucho es muy pequeño y fácil de conectar. Tiene un cable Jack de 3.5 para conectar la toma de audio al dispositivo.Las instrucciones están en inglés, pero esto no ha sido problema para configurarlo. Su precio muy bajo, poco mas de 3 €.CONSEl sonido NO es estereofónico. Por eso 4 estrellas.

    Oct 21,2019

  • Mensur
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    hm.. conected it to two pc's nothing is happening,just the red light is blocking, maybe I don't know how to use it :P

    Oct 24,2019

  • Kaja
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    Koupeno za učelem propojení TV a Utorch X99 Bluetooth 4.2 Stropního světla. Je to hodně malý ale funguje to naprosto dokonale TV se se světlem propojila prakticky okamžitě a zvuk je bez problému a čistý. To to zařízení mohu jen doporučit.

    Sep 17,2019

  • Luís Miguel Pereira
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    USB Bluetooth (RX/TX)
    USB Bluetooth (RX/TX): adaptador bluetooth versátil e muito útil na ligação de equipamentos sem bluetooth...

    Sep 17,2019

  • Артем
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    Задержки сигнала нет, громкость регулируется, отлично. Переключение режимов не очень удобное, но если не менять часто - все хорошо.

    Nov 14,2019