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  • Wesley
    Call the phone
    I got the headphones today. I had with the price no big expectations but I wanted a wireless headphone for traveling. As I at some offered here earphone, as one of my vorredner already noticed has, exceedingly dubious rezes Ion had read, I have for this model decided. The sound is the price range very well. No exaggerated bass, no lace height and clean mids. The connection with my smartphone worked without problems. Of me full 5 star and an unrestricted recommended buy.

    Jan 10,2021

  • Jonnny 
    my good helper
    I'll start this off by saying I am by no means a headphone expert. However, I've really enjoyed these headphones for exercise! They stay in my ear very well. They're easy to use and have good connection with my iPhone. I like to use it during exercise because I am not worried that it will fall to the ground like airpods pro,One last thing, the sound is really not bad.

    Jan 11,2021

  • Roger
    Sounds good
    Great headphones, sounds great for what it is. Very good sound, clean, and even good bass. The main thing is to correctly position in the ear. I'm really not a specialist, but as for me you can listen to music, listen to books and so on. Very satisfied. All in all awesome headphones!

    Jan 13,2021

  • Arlen
    Sounds good
    I've finally found a pair of headphones that agree with my small ears. I've purchased several pair and they hurt my ears or my ears are too small. These are perfect. The sound is great.

    Jan 06,2021

  • Solomon
    Convenient to use
    Audibility in the earphone is good, for listening to video and audio books will do. Connects to the phone easily. It's worth your money. I recommend the seller.

    Jan 18,2021

  • маy 
    Delivery Fast
    They come well protected, sealed, very pretty, have a good sound, touch try them and then I'll give my opinion. That did come faster than I expected.

    Jan 08,2021

  • Jackson
    Good quality
    After using the product for a while, it has worked properly and has no problem. I recommend with five stars the store and the seller

    Jan 05,2021

  • Paul
    Very good experience
    The product fully corresponds to the description. Made qualitatively and soundly.

    Jan 16,2021