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  • Sergio
    Not so simple-to-setup keyholder
    I've bought this one to manage my keys in a little space. This product is similar to which ones you can find in Amazon but it cost a 10% of them.

    Very useful and compact, can hold about 6 to 8 keys.


    L'ho comprato per ridurre le dimensioni del portachiavi. Simile ad altri prodotti che si trovano su amazon ma costa un decimo.

    Utile e compatto tiene circa 6 / 8 chiavi
    Manufacture quality is not so good. Also there is no manual or guide to set it up.

    You can hold flat keys but no for a house shielded door.


    Qualità di fabbricazione non ottima, nessun manuale che aiuti a montarlo.

    Tiene solo chiavi piatte, ma non ad esempio quelle spesse dei portoni blindati.

    May 30,2018

  • Jake
    Good product
    Overall, its quite a great organizer, more if you compare it with other organizers that are as similar as this but more expensive.

    1.-Simple design
    3.-Slim even with the extra spacers
    4.-Simple to assemble with few keys
    5.-Adaptable with other edc stuff (i got my key-bottle opener into it)
    1.-Not so simple to assemble if you have lots of keys.
    2.-One of the metal spacers in one of the organizers i ordered doesnt really fit in a straight line. I imagine it could be a common problem, tho if you dont use them its ok

    Aug 09,2018

  • ugur toraman
    I highly recommend it. cheap and high quality. It takes time to set up.
    I highly recommend it. cheap and high quality. The color choice is too much.The product is very handy. The quality of the material is very good. Very solid. A nice solution for many key users.
    It takes time to set up.

    May 08,2017

  • Conrad
    this key organiser replaced my key ring and I don't regret it.

    since I have gotten it a few months back, I had to add another key, which made me realize, that it cannot support many keys and that I need to add the pieces in between to make it larger and support more keys

    I would recommend it to Anny one

    Nov 10,2018

  • Masoud
    I've always looked for something like this, The price here is awesome, I found the same thing in my local mall for 30 US$ !!!
    Easy installation, organizes your keys pretty well.

    Jun 22,2017

  • Ivan Roberto
    buen producto para todas tus llaves
    me gusto mucho el diseño el tamaño la calidad del porta llaves, es metalico y aguantador caben todas tus llaves ya sean grandes y pequeñas

    I really liked the design the size the quality of the key holder, it is metallic and durable fit all your keys whether large or small
    si no tiene suficientes llaves quedan flojas se salen de su lugar

    If you do not have enough keys, they will loose, they leave your place

    Jun 28,2017

  • Marko Djordjevic
    Nice little organizer
    Classic look
    Fits all my keys
    Cool design
    You'll be more organized with this
    Fast shipping
    None, it is great value key organizer that will fit majority of keys! Maybe someone will have trouble fitting car keys since they're longer than regular keys

    Mar 05,2018

  • Orlando Contreras
    Excelente organizador de llaves marca FURA, color acero. Recomendadísimo!
    *Excelente calidad en los materiales
    *Incluye divisores para organizar las llaves a nuestro antojo
    *No pesa mucho
    *Silencioso a la hora de cargar muchas llaves

    Dec 22,2017

  • Tatopulos
    What can i say. this product looks good and solid. I am using it everyday and i can recommand. i have also lockapick attached and few pics

    Sep 07,2018

  • Orlando Contreras
    Excelente organizador de llaves marca FURA, color negro. Recomendadísimo!
    *Buena calidad en los materiales
    *Nada ruidoso a la hora de cargar consigo muchas llaves
    *Ideal para cargar en la maleta durante los viajes
    *Altamente portable

    Dec 22,2017