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  • Sidney
    Да (1) Цвет: Bright Orange
    Pleasantly Surprised!
    I'm loving my new backpack! It has much more padding than I was expecting and the build quality is even better than the Samsonite backpack that I used to have.There are several pockets yet the bag looks sleek and minimalist. It is very comfortable!

    Sep 17,2018

  • Ryan
    Да (1) Цвет: Lava Red
    This backpack just perfect size for to carry
    I bought this backpack because I am going to New York on a airline flight on next few days.They only allow people to carry a certain size.This backpack just perfect size for to carry.The black color is my favorite color too. I love it

    Sep 12,2018

  • Silvester
    Да (1) Цвет: Purple Haze
    Nice fabric, great for the price
    This is a nice looking manly bag. It has a good capacity. A water bottle pocket would be nice, especially in this day and age, we need somewhere to put our sports bottles.

    Sep 18,2018

  • SAMI
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    FLAMEHORSE 201 Waterproof Nylon Multi-function Backpack
    قدم المنتج كونه ذو نوعية ممتازة ومريحة للغاية ، ويبدو أن المواد مقاومة ودائمة ، حتى اللحظة لم يقدم هذا أي نقطة سلبية ، حتى تجاوز توقعاتي ،

    Feb 11,2019

  • Giuseppe
    Да (0) Цвет: Bright Orange
    flamehorse 201 backpack
    nylon bag. Quite big inside. Not this big deal bug useful because of the space when compressed. Arrived 1 month and a half

    Nov 30,2018

  • Roberto Salazar Nicolas
    Да (0) Цвет: Black
    muy buen producto
    Buena calidad de la mochila, comodidad y excelente tamaño para llevar todos mis útiles, aparte se puede convertir en una bolsa pequeña.

    Nov 20,2018

  • Lorena Otálora
    Да (1) Цвет: Black
    The material is great. It's small and practical. It could be bigger but it's just to keep some things or small ones.

    Sep 24,2018