HiFi Гибридные проводные наушники с микрофоном KZ ZS10

HiFi Гибридные проводные наушники с микрофоном KZ ZS10

- Чёрный с микрофоном 262533603

Один динамический драйвер и четыре сбалансированные арматуры
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Основные характеристики:

● Состоит из одного динамического драйвера и четырех сбалансированных драйверов арматуры, чтобы обеспечить сбалансированную, мощную и четкую звуковую сцену, создать невероятное звучание

● Медный плетеный кабель повышает производительность наушников-вкладышей

● Легкая, низкопрофильная форма предназначена для комфортного отдыха в ушах

● 2-контактный разъем 0.75 мм делает провод шнура наушников-вкладышей съемным и заменяется другими кабелями блютуз



Бренд: KZ
Применение: ответ на вызов телефона,HIFI,микрофон,переключение песен
Материал: металл,PC
Модель: ZS10
Тип: вставные ("затычки")
Тип ношения: вставные ("затычки")

Описания продукта

Применение: Working
Длинна кабеля (м): 1.2м
Совместим с: компьютер,мобильный телефон
Подключение: проводной
Задающий блок: 10мм
Частотный отклик: 7Hz - 40KHz
Сопротивление: 32Ом
Чувствительность: 104 дБ

Размеры и вес

Размер упаковки (Д x Ш x В): 10.20 x 7.20 x 3.20 cм / 4.02 x 2.83 x 1.26 дюйма
Вес упаковки: 0.0800 кг
Размер продукта (Д х Ш х В): 120.00 x 7.00 x 3.00 cм / 47.24 x 2.76 x 1.18 дюйма
Вес продукта: 0.0270 кг


Комплектация: 1 x пара наушников, 2 x пара вкладшей, 1 x английское руководство пользователя

HiFi Гибридные проводные наушники с микрофоном KZ ZS10 - Чёрный с микрофоном

HiFi Гибридные проводные наушники с микрофоном KZ ZS10 - Чёрный с микрофоном

HiFi Гибридные проводные наушники с микрофоном KZ ZS10 - Чёрный с микрофоном

HiFi Гибридные проводные наушники с микрофоном KZ ZS10 - Чёрный с микрофоном

HiFi Гибридные проводные наушники с микрофоном KZ ZS10 - Чёрный с микрофоном

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  • Esser
    Да (0) Цвет: Red Размер: without Microphone
    KZ ZS10 review
    . Construction:

    . Here's where it could be done better, the shells are made of plastic, we could see something like was done in kzzs6 (metal shells) or kz bte (metal surface), it would bring a premium characteristic to the in ear without elevating the production price so much, the cable is the cooper one, seem in kz es4 which is nice, but a silver cable would be welcome since it's a kz flagship people would pay 5 dollars in a better cable with a smile in the face. A nice touch are the wires and drives visible in the shell.

    . Sound:

    .Here's where he shines for the price: the music stage is wide open, compering with my kz zst the difference is atrocious, the instrument separation is amazing bringing a very good clearance to the music , quite similar to his predecessor kz zs6, but over beeing a cold in ear like his brother he has a warm signature in V shaped model, the bass and sub bass are there, and are quite punch (not a flat sound in my opinion, but a very amazing job done here). About the simbilance and piercing highs found in kz zs6 (and some times zst and zsr) this was fixed, which is amazing giving a much more comfortable experience.

    In general it's the better value for price in ear i tested till this time, side by side with his young brother kz zst.

    Nov 13,2018

  • Triyambakesh Mohanty
    Да (0) Цвет: Black Размер: with Microphone
    It is a mind blowing experience to listen to music using KZ ZS10 HIFI HYBRID EARGEARS.
    KZ ZS 10 HIFI Hybrid Earphones is amazing product. This is one that I bought recently and had been using this for my mp3 player, laptop, mobile music, smart TV and ofcourse music system. This has able to give me totally a new level of experience for Music. I am loving it more and more as when I use this. This earphone suits the best for the person who love clarity. The sound by KZ ZS10 make you feel real. I would say, it's is advantageous over many many range of earphones that I have used like Philips, Sony, Sennheiser, Rock zircon, JBL, F&D, etc. The best thing about this piece is the sound never breaks when volume is raised. Bass is very good. KZ earphones should be used with Headphone amplifiers. Performance is awesome. It's not just a sound propeller but more than it. It makes you feel live and as if listening to real sound. Response is quite clear.. as it helps resolute each peach and bass. It comes with a beautiful flexible wire connected to the 3.5mm Jack and ear pieces which is not ordinarily found in other earphones. Overall rating is 10 of 10. Only issue is the noise cancel buds (rubber) or plugs somewhat don't fit well to every ear even if 2 more sizes are used. Rest all assured. I strongly recommend this product to all and feel the depth of music in real. Thanks.

    Dec 07,2018

  • Saber
    Да (0) Цвет: Black Размер: with Microphone
    Ottime cuffie consigliate
    Parto dicendo che ho visto molti video su YouTube che consigliavano di acquistre queste cuffie, ed infine mi sono deciso a fare l’acquosto.
    - Le cuffie si sono presentate in una scatola molto semplice ma bella.
    -Al interno della scatola ci sono 2 tipi di gommini per orecchi piccoli e medi oltre a quelli gia attaccati alle cuffie.
    -Al interno della scatola infine c’è un libretto delle istruzioni fatto abbastanza bene.

    I poro di queste cuffie :
    - Si sentono benissimo i bassi ( spattacolari sono rimasto a bocca aperta) e le tonalità alte.
    - Ho provato a testare queste cuffie con suoni che passano da destra verso sinistra e sono rimasto senza parole sembra di essere all interno della musica che si sta ascoltando.
    - Le cuffie mantengono un ottimo suono sul minimo e sul massimo del volume
    - Mi è stato molto utile il filo modellabile dietro all orecchio che se messo bene non fa cadere le cuffie e quindi poterle utilizzare anche per sport.
    -molto bello e particolare il filo delle cuffie arrotolato in se stesso e che ti da la possibilità di rimuovere il filo sostituendolo con uno a tua scelta. Io comprero un filo Bluetooth da attaccare alle cuffie.
    I contro di questa cuffia sono pochi ma mi hanno dato molto noia:
    - principalmente il problema è la spedizione ho fatto l’ordine il giorno 10/07/2018 e il pacco mi è arrivato il 31/07/2018. Quindi Il pacco mi è arrivato dopo 21 giorni anche se avevo pagato per la priority mail e c’era scritto:” spedizione dai 5-14 giorni” che costava 1,39€.
    - U altra piccola precisione le cuffie sono un po grandi, ma comunque per il euono che danno non c’è problema.

    Aug 04,2018

  • Partha
    Да (0) Цвет: Black Размер: with Microphone
    The device is awesome sounding. This is my first experience of listening a multi driver iem and it's fabulous. The instruments are clear and distinguishable. Bass is controlled , mids are adequate and highs are simple superb. The sticks vibrating lightly on cymbals are clearly heard.
    The build quality is very good. The transparent plastic although seems bad in picture, in actuality it's of a good finish and the material appears good.
    The fitting in my ear is OK, not super comfortable nor very discomforting. it seems that it will be.more comfortable as time passes and I become habituated to this. My right ear canal seems a little constricted in comparison to left . So there is slight greater discomfort with my right ear. Expecting to get rid of this in near future.
    overall a very good buy.
    I have also bought the accessories namely BT wire, High quality silver wire and USB C type wire.
    coming to shipping , I am amazed that it was delivered to my home by 7 days. It is the fastest shipping I have experienced from any Chinese online seller. Thanks gearbest.
    The only con is - there should have been more ear tips. The silicon tips are ok but sizes are not adequate. There should have been at least two more intermittent sizes between medium to big and small to medium.

    Aug 28,2018

  • Carlos Ruiz Abanto
    Да (0) Цвет: Black Размер: without Microphone
    Increíble claridad
    La calidad es muy buena, el cable trenzado es muy firme y se nota la calidad en el conector enchapado en oro, la calidad del sonido es muy nítida y clara, reproduciendo detalles de las canciones que no había oído antes, los bajos son muy buenos pero no exagerados, los medios tienen mucho detalle y las voces se escuchan increíbles, los agudos resaltan por no ser sibilantes ni exagerados, me parecen unos audífonos muy equilibrados, no son de sonido plano, porque tienen su propia firma pero están muy cerca y son muy agradables de escuchar, los recomiendo al 100 %, por el precio que valen es increíble lo que ofrecen, 5 drivers por cada lado. Único punto negativo son las gomas o tips con los que vienen son de muy mal diseño, recomiendo hacer al mismo tiempo un pedido de otros tips, como los de memory foam o los spinfit de doble aleta. Los compré por recomendación de un youtuber Peligroso Audiofilo, y ahora puedo decir que estaba en lo cierto. Todo es increíble con estos Kz

    Aug 25,2018

  • Hassan Sayyed from Mumbai India
    Да (0) Цвет: Navy Blue Размер: with Microphone

    Sep 14,2018

  • robyzster
    Да (0) Цвет: Navy Blue Размер: without Microphone
    Good listening, good price
    LA caratteristica di questi auricolari è la sorprendente nitidezza della musica riprodotta, dai bassi definiti alle medie presenti fino agli alti cristallini, c'è un po' tutto.
    A differenza dei più economici ZST che ho avuto un mese prima di questi, gli alti sono più piacevoli all'ascolto pur rimanendo sempre molto presenti e chiari, alzando il volume oltre una certa soglia il suono tende comunque a diventare aspro, ma questa soglia è decisamente più alta rispetto ai ZST che invece sono fastidiosi già a volume ridotto e sbilanciati eccessivamente sugli acuti.
    Io li uso come in-ear-monitors per suonare dal vivo quindi la mia priorità non è la fedeltà sonora massima ma un certo grado di trasparenza che mi permetta di sentire tutti gli strumenti in modo chiaro e definito e soprattutto un certo grado di comfort dato che devo tenerle da un minimo di due a tre ore di spettacolo e non posso sopportare due lame di coltesso conficcate nelle orecchie per tutto quel tempo.

    Nov 28,2018

  • Alex Sanders
    Да (0) Цвет: Black Размер: with Microphone
    Good item to try hybrid earphones!
    ZS10 is almost a flagman model but still with a very good price.

    Can be recommended for those who are looking for balanced armature earphones.
    Newcomers should understand that armature drivers have a very narrow frequency range in contrast to dynamic ones. So for good earphones of such kind more drivers means a better quality.

    In this earphones a dynamic driver is also used. It covers lover frequencies because they are hardly reachable for armature.

    ZS10 can play very loud and still with a good quality. The amplitude frequency response is quite straight, no peaks for bass.

    The cable is not so good from the box, so be ready to order another one.

    Be aware of how these earphones are attached to ears. Also I can recommend sponge earbuds for this model.

    Nov 08,2018

  • Wirxaw
    Да (1) Цвет: Black Размер: without Microphone
    Armature sound at an affordable price.
    The only real advantage of these headphones - is the sound. The detail, the delivery, the audioscene. These were my first armature headphones and, while they may not be that much better than the very solid single dynamic driver Tennmak Crazy Cello, I have a feeling that with a good source(high-res music with DAC output) - these headphones have more potential than lower driver-count models. However, please, read the negative part below.
    My first experience with ZS10 was not exactly positive. Worse - it was extremely negative. As one review stated: "KZ has managed to put 5 drives inside a 40$ pair of headphones... however, they've sacrificed everything else". And this could not be more true. The cable quality is atrocious, there is no better word. It's so bad that it's clearly intended to be replaced by a new one. And the over-ear fitting is... something that could pass for a 10$ pair, but one would expect a "hi-fi" model to have something more than metal stick to fix the headphone over your ear. Still, you can tweak it to your liking, it's not the worst part.

    The worst part - are the eartips. The stock eartips are... I don't know how to say it politely. Let me try this way:
    "If you DO NOT have a pair of foam eartips and can notdo not plan on getting a pair - DO NOT buy these headphones".
    The "out of the box" experience is unthinkable, unacceptable even. Far cheaper headphones come with foam tips as an option, and many headphones, particularly from KZ, do not sound far worse than ZS10, for their price.
    Again, if you try to listen to ZS10 in their stock eartips - you WILL NOT listen to ZS10. You will listen to a sewer-grade sound. But... if you upgrade to the foam tips... The different in sound is palpable. The detail, the balance of frequencies, the audio scene... basically what I've said in the positive part. You get the value of 4 balanced armature drivers. But only with foam tips, or better eartips than the stock ones. It is not a joke, I am dead serious. I was almost ready to return them, or to resell them, when I found affordable foam tips near my place and that changed my entire perspective of these headphones.

    A message to Gearbest, if I may:
    It would be extremely gentle and useful if you could bundle at least one pair of at least "some" foam tips with these headphones. Make it a +1$ or +2$ bundle, I think most people either don't worry about single digits, or they buy cheaper mode

    Aug 05,2018

  • Tomasz
    Да (0) Цвет: Black Размер: with Microphone
    Good sound but uncomfortable
    This earphones look very nice and futuristic. I like their naked body and i can see what is inside. I like unplugged cable which i can replace. I like their sound. Is really balanced. With good bass and trebles. But i dislike comfort of wearing them. They are too big and nonstop they pop out from my ears so listening of music is not pleassure any more. I am a little disappointed

    Sep 26,2018

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