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20-светодиодный Одуванчик Рождественская Елка shaped струнные светильники украшения цветные лампы

20-светодиодный Одуванчик Рождественская Елка shaped струнные светильники украшения цветные лампы

- Разноцветный

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    COD Этот продукт поддерживает наложенный платеж при доставке. Совет: не размещайте заказы на товары не наложенным платежом, иначе Вы не сможете выбрать способ оплаты наложенным платежом.
    Отправка между: Jul 23 - Jul 25, Расчетное время доставки: рабочих дней Время обработки заказа может занять несколько дней. После отправки со склада время доставки (или доставки) зависит от способа доставки.
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Декоративный Стиль: Простой и современный
Особенности: умный и энергосберегающий
Питание: аккумулятор
Количество светодиодов: 20 шт
Длинна кабеля: 2.2 м

Размер и вес

Вес продукта: 0.0730 кг
Вес упаковки: 0.0850 кг
Размер продукта (Д х Ш х В): 220.00 х 7.50 х 7.00 см / 86.61 х 2,95 х 2,76 дюйма
Размер упаковки (Д x Ш x В): 18.00 х 5.00 х 5.00 см / 7,09 х 1,97 х 1,97 дюйма

Содержимое пакета

Комплектация: 1 х строка свет

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  • Stuart Metcalfe
    The solar led string lights arrived quickly and were packed in smaller box than I expected,they lit up immediately and I headed outside to the tree the lights are going to be installed on,these solar lights are a great idea and can be put wherever there is enough sunshine for the solar power supply,it was still a couple of hours before dark and I placed my hand over the solar panel as instructed to and pressed the selection switch,these lights are plentiful and great especially if you have a large yard or property,i do not like extension cords laying all over the grounds when using conventional string lights,these solar string lights solved that problem

    Nov 26,2017

  • Happy Customer
    These lights are great !! I just put these in the front yard on a small palm tree and they are so gorgeous,this is the first thing I put up of my outdoor christmas decorations,i put them up a little early but I was anxious to see what they looked light,the lights are small but bright and gorgeous,these were so easy to put on the tree because they are so much more flexible than the normal light strings i've been putting up for years,i have some garland that i'm going to be decorating to go around the doors outside and this would be a wonderful addition to my project and the lights would be so easy to twist around the garland

    Jun 09,2018

  • Joe D. Martin
    I am so happy with the purchase of these string lights !!!!! I have been playing around with them in terms of where I want to place / position them,i have come to find that these lights look great on every inch of my house,i will be purchasing a few more of these lights soon because I am in love with how beautiful they make each space in the house,the packaging of these lights was also wonderful and there was no tangling of the string lights at all,the length of these lights makes it great for adding ambient lighting to a room and the wire is barely visible

    Oct 07,2018

  • Rexer
    Quality does not look so good when you open the box,it is pretty long which is good for outdoor use,rechargeable battery packs,it provides warm light which helps illuminate your campsite or area,the bulbs are plastic and seem study enough to be bumped around a bit without breaking like you're traditional christmas lights,you can't string them together which is unfortunate however I have two outputs on my battery and can make two strings of lights possible,pocket sized ones that only use usb

    Oct 24,2017

  • Ivan swarlovski
    These lights are awesome,fairly priced and such good quality,the copper is genius because you can mold them around hooks and force them to stay in certain places ; something impossible to do with regular string lights,i hope they last for as long as the typical christmas tree ones do,definitely great for room decor and overall wonderful for purposeful lighting,i was astonished to put these up and see the clear white glow,just pure and clear lights right where you want them

    Sep 29,2017

  • TheGreatSadPanda
    They are the softest light and yet give enough light that I do not need to turn on the regular lights most of the time.they are so light weight they hang anywhere,i love the fact that you can place them where you want them and plug them in behind large pieces of furniture and then just use the remote control to turn them on or off,i find that these string lights help me in the winter so that the house seems cozy rather than dreary from the rainy or foggy days of winter

    Sep 05,2018

  • Obed Hurtado Ortega
    Well I must say I was out of christmas lights and around my way christmas is celebrated very truthfully so I didn't have any lights or they didn't have any lights that I could buy so I look these up and they work very well they gave my christmas tree life and vibrance looks good and the remote gives you the options of different flickerings settings but you must be careful because it is still copper wire but still a good product I ` ll

    Oct 06,2017

  • jdhdjjcnd
    These string lights are great because you don't have to plug them in and they are easily bended to fit any space,they don't light up the space enough to read a book or anything but they are beautiful decoration and with my porch light on as well they are a nice atmospheric touch,it's also great that when it's light out they automatically shut off so you don't have to worry about them being on all day when it's unnecessary

    Dec 31,2017

  • KMC
    I have only tested the lights and remote to make sure everything works and it was just as described,these led string lights are very bright at full power but the remote allows dimming in steps,i had one suggestion for the manufacturer it would be to allow the remote to step down the light level a few more steps or incorporate the ability to dim the light continuously from off to full brightness

    Sep 04,2018

  • Robb
    These lights are absolutely beautiful,i like to dim them when I sit by the christmas tree at night so they aren't so bright,i absolutely love the soft warm light these cast,there is something much more warm and romantic about these versus regular christmas lights with the larger mini bulbs,i also keep them on a seasonal tree I decorate year round for every holiday and season

    Mar 24,2018

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Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

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