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  • Jjams
    A great little keyring knife. Perfect for UK legal carry.
    Very lightweight, seems to have decent blade steel, and perfect little proportions.

    The detent in the open position is just right, firm enough to (while using as a non-locking folder should be used) not worry about it closing, and a less aggressive detent in the closed position. If this knife was available with bearings rather than brass/bronze (not sure which they are) it'd probably be my favourite little keyring knife, along with the LTD Bean. The only down side is the bearing material, with the pivot tightened enough to keep the blade firm in the open position, the opening is very much a two handed affair. This, for me, does not distract from its position as a very nice little mini-knife to have on ones person at all times - in some situations the fact one has to use two hands to open it eliminates the looks one can receive when flipping a knife like the LTD Bean open in a fraction of a second, so it's not all bad. It has nice lines, the torx screws at the rear of the knife seem to be of decent construction (read: they didn't' strip on first reassembly like some budget knives from here and aliexpres) and the whole package comes together rather nicely. It's wonderfully slim too. I am a huge fan of this particular detent system. So that's about it. If it were on bearings with a much smoother action, something this detent system excells at, I'd rate it 5 stars and proclaim it the perfect keyring knife - but for now that crown still belongs to the LTD Bean. Very very close second though.

    Short version - great little keyring or pocket knife, almost disappears at only 25g and 7.5ish mm thick. nicely made, only improvement could be bearings, or at least smoother washers. Highly recommended.

    Sep 01,2019