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  • Chris Dews
    I purchased this knife for an extended camping trip a few years ago, you can feel that this knife is the best of the best, The blade is full tang, yet cuts like a fillet knife, It makes me nervous to purchase knives online, being that I like to see the exact knife I am buying before I get it, No other knife has been so pristine out of the box, The edge is flawless, The balance is excellent ; exactly where the guard meets the blade, making sure the edge does not meet the plastic on the draw to maintain the edge, The bowie style blade has always been an ambiguous knife design, I realize this knife has a hefty price tag, but you could buy several mediocre knifes over your lifetime, Its the last knife you will ever need

    Dec 16,2017

  • Justin Garrard
    I purchased this little knife to use on my search and rescue pack strap, I liked the small but usable size and how the sheath works with the rotating clip so it can be oriented the way it is needed, I wrapped the handle with paracord for better grip and visibility - there are YouTube videos online with instructions on wrapping this knife, Dings are that it is not as sharp as a Mora knife and I wished it came in a partially serrated version, It is tough to find a knife that is not too big and not too small for strap use - this one fits the bill

    Apr 18,2018

  • eduardotorres500
    This is a pretty good knife, It's very sturdy and comes with a nice sheath that has an extra pocket on the front to store a wet stone and a few other small items if needed, while the grip is textured and can be grasped and held fairly easily with out worrying about it slipping out of your hand even while wet, and shiny edge, but you can definitely find better knives for the same price or cheaper that are made by SOG

    Aug 17,2018

  • Debbie09
    Yeah that's nice for four because while it is the perfect size and comes with a nice little sheath, the actual knife is doll basically out of the packaging and required quite a bit a effort for me to get the steel sharpened up, Now if you're comfortable sharpening your own knives or sending it into SOG having them sharpened it for you than this knife is perfectly fine

    Sep 03,2017

  • Joy Seven
    The durability and edge retention are outstanding, the grip is sure and comfortable for extended use, While I have never had to use it as a weapon I would feel confident doing so due to it's balance and sharpness, Alongside my Annihilator wrecking bar and my Cold Steel Special Forces shovel

    Nov 09,2017

  • Amy Love Mcintire
    SOG knives are generally great, the SEAL Team knife I recieved was superb, and camper ao I wanted to get her a good quality knife that could handle difficult demands, I was so impressed with the knife that came in I ordered one for myself

    Apr 06,2017

  • Madison T. Edwards
    Rugged like the knife, It is a very large knife to carry around or to attach to a belt which makes it somewhat impractical in some situations, This knife has a virtually perfect design for versatile uses ; fighting to survival

    Jul 12,2017

  • Tiago Augusto
    faca compacta e boa
    -Produto bem compacto
    -Facil manuzeio
    -Bem afiada
    -podemos amarrar na perna a bainha ou no cinto
    -Excelente custo benefício
    - Absolutamente nada

    Aug 16,2017

  • J. Harris
    The balance is awesome, Most would say it's an all around knife, Good retention, just remember it won't hold the blade in with out the button strap I held it up side down unbuttoned and it slid out and bit me

    Dec 08,2017

  • Alr
    muito bom caçadora
    bonita de mais , pegada boa , fio excelente , robusta , é preta e se é preta é tatica ! bainha tambem é bem boa , e tem as tiras robusta e ajustaveis com engate rapido
    os cordoes são apenas uma capa, parece ccapa de paracord e a cor não é fiel a foto

    Jun 05,2018