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Главная > GB Feature > The advanced variant of JISIWEI I3, JISIWEI I5 smart robotic vacuum cleaner
The advanced variant of JISIWEI I3, JISIWEI I5 smart robotic vacuum cleaner

The advanced variant of JISIWEI I3, JISIWEI I5 smart robotic vacuum cleaner

По  GB Blog Official 2016-11-24 1371 0

Recently, Gearbest recommended the JISIWEI I3 smart robotic vacuum cleaner, with unique features at a superb price point.

For those who want to take their cleaning power up to the next level, we have hesitation in recommending the stunning new model: the JISIWEI I5 robotic vacuum cleaner.

(Click here to read the JISIWEI I3 recommendation news)

Powerful Features

• 3 versatile cleaning modes: spot cleaning, automatic cleaning, and edge cleaning

• Intelligent anti-collision and anti-drop system to protect your furniture

• Automatic self-recharging: sweeper returns to its charging base

• Low noise design: operational noise is under 65dB, ideal for families

• High 3350mAh capacity battery: ensures long operation time

• App control: you can schedule cleaning time or set mode via a dedicated APP

• Slim design: effortlessly clean under beds, sofas and desks

• Works even on carpet, marble, tile and wood flooring

Advantages over the I3 Vacuum Cleaner

• The design complies with Western aesthetics: minimalist and stable

• Stronger material, more durable body ensure a longer lifetime

• Maximum load/carrying capacity improved to 30KG

• It adds a versatile handle design for enhanced portability

• Added power and WiFi indicator lights, with 3 touch buttons for maximum control


3 Best Reasons to Choose the JISIWEI I5

• Comprehensive features: All the features easily handle even the most demanding housework

• Extremely cost-effective: Superb value compared to famous brand equivalents and their features

• Gearbest lifetime technology support: Excellent warranty, guarantees and support for total peace of mind

Good news!

The superb JISIWEI I5 smart robotic vacuum cleaner has arrived at Gearbest and is available on pre-sale at a special discounted price. Grab your lifetime housework assistant the first time!


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