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Конструктор K-2SO Star Wars Звёздные войны

Конструктор K-2SO Star Wars Звёздные войны

- Чёрный 278555001

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Тип: Здание
Предмет: Робот
Подходящий Возраст: Дитя
Пол: унисекс

Размер и вес

Вес продукта: 0,1400 кг
Вес упаковки: 0,1650 кг


Комплектация: 1 x конструктор

Конструктор K-2SO Star Wars Звёздные войны- Чёрный

Конструктор K-2SO Star Wars Звёздные войны- Чёрный

Конструктор K-2SO Star Wars Звёздные войны- Чёрный

Конструктор K-2SO Star Wars Звёздные войны- Чёрный

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  • david_aeon
    A feast for the brain of puzzle lovers!
    Gave it five stars due to the fact that it accomplishes its own proposal, to be a puzzle that turns into an action figure, even though it did not had a thick paper or cardboard package (arrived protected fairly well, but the product itself is packed in a bundle of small plastic bags).
    At first glance, the piece index at the back of the manual may scare the common folk, but you only have to arrange each type of piece together and count them down to make sure none is missing (mine came with five spare pieces for the most fragile types), and keep them in a safe place so you won't knock them down. Having a precision pincer helps placing or correcting mistakes.
    After over 160 pieces and around 3 hours, the finished version looks way taller than I had expected, rigid enough to stay in any given pose (props for the joystick-like piece at the back which controls the angle of the arms, had never seen one like it), and oh boy does it looks awesome in my desk!
    Looking forward to grab the different models and make a collection...

    Dec 14,2018

  • pete
    The robot
    was a little stunned by the tiny bag that two of these guys came in but on construction of them they stand about 28cm tall and look fantastic. easy and detailed guide make it so easy to build and with in a few mins i have two awesome looking figures that are totally suitable for animated movies as they can be very well posed just about anywhere.
    great product fantastic price. 5 star. P.

    Dec 03,2018

  • Madhanraj
    Black Robot Toy
    After seeing the reviews of this product, I decided to buy this robot block toy, it will come with many pieces and of good quality. Will take some time to assemble, once we start we need to complete it, so that we will not miss the flow. I took around 1 hours 45 minutes to complete. After the finish it looks coll.

    Jan 22,2019

  • Sam
    Creative Black Robot Block Toy
    Creative Black Robot Block Toy - a cool part.
    Building it together is fun. But, then the good time starts with the Black Robot. You just have to have it.
    The parts all fit very well and the figure stays in the right position even in extreme positions.

    Nov 12,2018

  • pc
    Creative Black Robot Block Toy
    - very good materials and workmanship
    - good design, all parts fits very well
    - good building manuala
    - 99% LEGO quality for very reasonable price

    Dec 31,2018

  • managana
    Absolute beauty
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quick delivery. more surprise was in store when I opened the package and found the smaller packets inside the big one (more means more parts). Good and simple instructions to complete the robot. The final result is very satisfying. I just love it.

    Dec 17,2018

  • Felipe
    Nice puzzle
    I thought the product would come assembled, but it comes in hundreds pieces, actually it was a good puzzle.
    Unfortunately it was missing one hand.
    Overall, it was fine

    Feb 05,2019


    We are sorry to hear this.
    Kindly review our warranty policy here: https://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html
    Please kindly contact our support center regarding your item issue, we will provide the solutions for you soon after getting the message from you.
    Thank you for your support!
    Best regards,

    Mar 22,2019

  • Hercules
    Nice toy
    Looks good. it's bigger than you may imagine. Paint was not applied in a proper way but it's fine. overall worth it under 9 dollars.

    Dec 21,2018

  • Dieghelo
    Credevo in un' oggetto deludente visto il prezzo. In realtà è fatto molto molto bene. Assemblaggio facile e veloce.
    Consiglio l' acquisto

    May 04,2019

  • Türkiye
    good one
    İt is bigger than what i expected. 3 weeks shipping for Turkey. It was enjoyable to build the robot. It takes between 1-2 hours to combine all tinny parts. We had 4 extra parts after finish.

    Dec 28,2018

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Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

Будьте первым, кто задаст вопрос. Хотите баллы GB? Просто напишите отзыв!

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