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  • Owen
    Worth the money
    Amazing breathable sport shoes. They are fashionable when you're going for the outdoorsy look -- but they are extremely functional and comfortable. With the elastic lacing system there is ample range of adjustment for size and width variations in your foot. There is an elastic heel strap which allows you to set the tension on the laces once, then slip the shoes on and off without further adjustments to the laces. These shoes fit comfortably, have a cushioned rubber insole, and there is ample room around my toes so that they do not rub. They were really well built and I could walk in them in dry and on land. I think these are quite well made, as they should be for the price paid.

    Aug 09,2019

  • jimmyjet
    Comfortable and flexible
    I made the best decision to buy this pair of shoes. This shoe is very comfortable and flexible. I bought this for my job and even worked for 15 hours in a row, it won't hurt your feet. I am very happy because I bought the shoes and made the best decision. Thank you. I would recommend my friends and family to buy these shoes. This shoe is the same as the picture shown, very light and comfortable to wear. I like it. I am really amazed at how good the quality and appearance of these shoes are at a low price. I want to buy more shoes like this.

    Jul 25,2019

  • amy
    Great quality
    My husband loves these shoes. He says the shoes were exactly what I was expecting and they are more comfortable than his SLIPPERS! They are very well-made and the leather is so soft. These are the only slip on style shoes with a complete sole that is also STITCHED. The color and style is very chic. He loves this shoe, we would buy these shoes again!

    Jul 25,2019

  • sean
    Exactly what I was expecting
    I'm very impressed by them and they are worth the money! Top quality and they are exactly what I was expecting, and a fraction of what I would have paid in a store. It was such a great deal that I bought another pair in a different color 2 days ago!

    Jul 24,2019

  • Deps
    Scarpa sportiva
    Scarpa estiva molto leggera e carina, comanda anche se le misure non sono molto corrette. Consigliano di prendere un numero in più ma a me è risultato un po' comodo ed abbondante.
    Per il resto buon prodotto.

    Oct 20,2019

  • Samuel Ezequiel
    Produto entregue em excelente estado, bem acondicionado e dentro do tempo previsto aquando da realização da encomenda. Muito elegante, entregue com as características e funcionamento tal e qual como indicado no site e com uma excelente relação qualidade/preço. Funciona na perfeição, recomendo.

    Jan 12,2021

  • bsoplinger
    The shoes are ok, they are nice to wear. Simple and elegant appearance, cost-effective. Light enough that you even can't feel you wear the sneakers

    Jul 18,2019

  • Andrea
    Great running shoes
    They look cool and they feel great comfortable. Recommended to everyone that wants a quality lightweight, good-fitting running shoes.

    Jul 12,2019