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  • Hardcore Harley
    Must have forever more!
    This screen protector is fantastic and I wish I could rate it 6 stars. In a horrific chain of events I tragically dropped my phone from approximately 4 3/4 feet directly onto cold hard pavement littered with gravel. (Dropped it out my car window) I hesitantly exited my vehicle and then proceeded to step directly on top of the phone which was screen side down. To my dismay I observed multiple cracks on the screen of my almost new iPhone 8. I then did the drive of shame back home where I could more closely observe the catastrophic damage to my phone screen. I slowly pulled it out of my pocket as a single tear ran down my face. Suddenly I was overcome with an epiphany. I had purchased and installed this glass protector on my phone. Is it possible that my screen was still intact? I slowly peeled back the screen and was filled with joy. My screen was unscathed. I snapped a picture of the decimated screen cover, and gave it a proper viking burial. Thank you for your service tempered glass screen protector.

    Jun 19,2019

  • Valerie
    Great protection for scratches and long drops.
    I drop my phone all the time and throw it in my purse with keys and a bunch of other stuff. This screen protector is a fantastic barrier for my phone! I have been using it for a few months, I treat my phone pretty rough and I haven’t had any scratches on the protector yet. It was relatively easy to put on too. I rarely put on screen protectors and this one was not difficult. I do not have any bubbles or open spots, there is 2 in the package so these will last me a while!! Awesome value and product

    Aug 16,2019

  • Katie Q
    Excellent screen protection
    I have had this screen protector on my phone for about 10 months. I have dropped my phon numberous times on a variety of surfaces since then and this protector has been chugging along just fine. It didn't even have any scratches on it! This afternoon I tripped and when I reached out my hand to break my fall it happened to be the hand I was holding my phone in. My phone survived but my screen protector cracked where I landed on a pebble.

    Jul 25,2019

  • james
    Great protection for scratches and long drops.
    Great protection. The only thing I care about when it comes to a screen protector is, will it protect my screen? This one definitely works. I dropped my phone phone from a 4 foot height onto a metal door. It hit a raised sharp corner, right on the edge of my phone. The screen protector spider webbed, but there wasn't a mark on my phone.

    Jun 27,2019

  • Studiodrome
    Vetro temperato per Xiaomi Mi 9T Proteggi schermo
    Il prodotto è di buona fattura e si adatta perfettamente al mio Xiaomi Mi 9T. Al tatto il materiale risulta duro non è un pellicola sottile e si adatta alla superficie dello Xiaomi Mi 9T. Potrò verificare questo aspetto solo tra qualche settimana, per vedere se davvero dura più degli altri.

    Sep 18,2019

  • hspa
    Buena calidad
    A la espera de su colocación, aparentemente tiene bastante buena calidad. Habrá que esperar a ver como se adhiere a la pantalla, pero llega en plazo breve, unos 10 días y muy bien protegido, con una caja lo suficientemente dura para que aguanten el viaje.

    Aug 19,2019

  • Kiki
    Good product
    The packaging is high end and comes with everything you need for the application.
    It's a bit smaller than the whole glass but all the visible screen part fits under it.
    Great purchase!

    Aug 13,2019

  • Aktinidio
    looks good
    i ll come up with additional comment when i apply it to the phone. received without the slightest damage. the product seems good

    Nov 15,2019

  • N***i
    9H screen protector
    pros: the item quality is good. easy to take on the phone. the price good too.
    cons: a little bit small, but covered the most of screen .

    Aug 15,2019

  • Graham T.
    Very durable and supplied individually packaged wipes and cloths, adhesive is the best I've seen, I took it off multiple times and re adhered it without any bubbles or dust

    Jul 17,2019