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  • someone else
    5pcs 60ml Capacity E-liquid Bottle
    The concept of the caps is different to those usually found.
    The lower part of the cap, which is screwed on the bottle, has a good thread and also a sealing ring, fit perfect on the bottle. There is not one chamber on the top as usually, but two on the sides above. If you have only a small filling hole this might possibly cause problems, so be aware of this.
    The threading of the upper top cap is quit poor, it's more like sticking it on the lower part than screwing. In the top cap is a hole which is closed by the upper part.

    The cap is absolutely tight, so no problem from that point of view.

    Jun 16,2016

  • Sergio
    Bottiglie e liquid
    Le bottiglie da 60 ml in se sono buone, il materiale è di ottima qualità. Tuttavia secondo me hanno alcuni difetti, in primis non si vede il livello del liquido rimanente (sono tutte bianche a tal punto da non lasciare trasparire il livello del liquido), infine la punta da inserire nell'atomizzatore è troppo grossa, in atom tipo smok beast non entra bene e quindi rischiate che il liquido fuoriesca o che forzando gli o ring (come nel caso del beast di smok), questi si spacchino.

    Jan 30,2018

  • Satu
    бутылочка для жидкости для электронных сигарет - 5шт
    Отличные пузырьки для жижи пластик довольно мягкий крышка-носик не пропускает визуально оценить количество внутри можно хотя и с трудом Excellent bubbles to slurry, plastic is quite soft-tip cap does not pass, visually estimate the number inside is possible, albeit with difficulty
    жаль не прозрачный sorry not transparent

    Jul 16,2016

  • Diego
    60 ml bottle
    Using from some month and the response is good
    no leaks thanks to inner tap sealing, watch the second picture
    accomodate in the hand baggage (airplane travel)
    doesnt corrode with e-liquidis
    easy to wash
    none at all

    Feb 20,2017

  • Antonio
    Boccette porta liquido 60-63 ml
    boccette in plastica semirigida, opache, abbastanza dure da spremere, hanno un tappo con dosatore un pò grosso che rischia di farvi colare il liquido fuori dal tank, il prezzo è ottimo, ci ho messo 63 ml e avanza ancora un pò di spazio (forse arrivano anche a 65 a pieno carico)
    spedizione velocissima, grazie Gearbest sono molto soddisfatto

    Apr 02,2017

  • alex
    Good bottles
    Nice bottles!
    They are excact like the description, but they are a little bit hard to push!
    It is not very easy to sqeeze them!
    Nice for the price!
    Thank you Gearbest!

    Oct 29,2018

  • Pister Leonid
    Дешевые бутылочки для жидкости
    Хорошее качество
    Колпачок не нужно каждый раз откручивать.
    Большой носик, подойдет не для каждого бака.
    Пластик не прозрачный

    Sep 28,2016

  • Stefan
    Sehr praktischer Verschlusss
    Die Flaschen könnten aus etwas weicheren Material sein, aber ansonsten ist alles super. Den Verschluss finde ich sehr praktisch, weil man nicht den gesamten Deckel abschrauben muss. Bei meinen Verdampfern passt das mit dem Auffüllen, beim Kayfun sollte man wohl lieber eine Flasche mit Nadelspitze verwenden.

    Feb 25,2017

  • Mantas
    60ml bottles
    Thank you very much for order, all bottles very good, posibly 60ml not good, because
    can not see as far as the castle, but collectively I'm very happy for very good and big order !!!
    Thank you very much for order, all bottles very good, posibly 60ml not good, because
    can not see as far as the castle, but collectively I'm very happy for very good and big order !!!

    Jan 02,2017

  • Mattia
    Those are good bottles, , only I found the pictures misleading about the size of the dripper. They are actually bigger than expected, making larger drops. Still, good manufacturing, no leaking, and affordable price.
    Drippers a little bit too big, but good.

    Jan 21,2017