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    Olá a todos o Cuttabale Adhesive BLUE Light Strip, o produto tem uma funcionalidade interessante deferente de muitos que já vimos, ele vem com o seu próprio estojo de armazenamento, por ser extremamente leve e de fácil instalação em muitas superfície, ele tem boa luminosidade, com pouco consumo de energia elétrica, uma melhor opção, na hora de decorar um ambiente para festa.

    Hello everyone, the Cuttabale Adhesive BLUE Light Strip, the product has an interesting deferent functionality of many that we have already seen, it comes with its own storage case, being extremely light and easy to install on many surfaces, it has good brightness, with little electricity consumption, a better option when it comes to decorating a party environment.

    Jan 31,2018

    A great product, very low energy consume and great luminosity, I like it very much and I recommend it also so much, very economic and very durable, also is so easy to install it and connect it. You can put it everywhere you want and also cut it as size you need for using. I made a video review in Spanish of this strip and how and where you can connect it. I recommend it so much!!!

    Oct 02,2018

  • Nacho Daza
    Pleasant white light
    The light that you get is pretty good, the low consumption will depend on the power supply that you will use, but anyway it will be always maximum 30W. That means a lower consumption and good illumination.

    Easy to mount on any flat surface and is very discreet.
    The price is indisputable.
    The LEDs are good, but in the description doesn't say the minimum amperes that you need.
    Currently, I am using a power supply 12V 18W and 1.5A
    I tested the following power supplies:
    12V 5W 0.5A --- FAIL, The leds are blinking, it doesn't have enough amperes
    12V 18W 1.5A -- Good
    12V 18W 2A -- Good

    Feb 16,2016

  • Tom
    Price is the biggest pro. For the same item in Canada the price is around 20 to 25 Canadian dollars. And the retailers wonder why internet shopping is getting bigger. I received the spool and plugged it onto a 9 volt battery. Worked from the get go. All lights illuminated. I like the fact that the spool can be cut to length and has an adhesive backing so install is easy. The great price was due to a flash sale.

    Jan 15,2017

  • joanna
    1500LM Cuttable Adhesive Warm White LED Light Strip
    Excellent service. very straight forward with no hiccups at all. Was very pleased with the way everything was packed, so neatly. Arrived in good time too. All items arrived in perfect order. very pleased with this seller. The products and the complete transaction. I will definitely purchase from this seller again and highly recommend them to anyone too. a very neat gadget,

    Nov 20,2015

  • Jaime Almeida
    Day 1 Review
    The product is accurately described.
    Comes in a reel well packaged.
    The level of brightness is good, adequate for decorative use.
    Easy to use, due to low power consumption, any 12v power source with +2.5amps can power the strip.
    Looks fragile, should handle with care.
    Only comes with 2 power wires soldered, you have to be prepared for soldering or buy separate connectors.
    For me, took 31 days to arrive after payment.

    Jul 05,2017

  • jachu
    Cool led strip
    The LEDs are shining. Ordinary good LED strip. They warm up a little.
    Nothing more, nothing more. It's only a pity that there is such a large spacing between them. They could have been arranged denser. Nevertheless, I recommend it.

    Nov 16,2018

  • John
    Cute Light
    - luminosity is good, color of the light is simply astounding
    - very cheap, I bought it in flash sale
    - quick delivery in more than 3weeks
    - satisfaction with purchase
    - excellent quality
    - it is not SMD 2835 LEDs but SMD 3528. It is not so shiny as SMD 2835, but although this fact it is good deal

    Mar 13,2016

  • Ilias
    Very good and cheap but overheating
    Great led strip! Very luminous and useful, fast shipping but in some spots it gets very heated. Maybe some faulty leds or resistors, I don't know but I had to cut some small parts that were overheating. Overall great led strip in a great price.
    These small parts that overheated.

    Apr 29,2016

  • Jefferson
    Pratical an usefully.
    Great product, practical and versatile for use in my electronics projects. Easy to use and adapt, it is being very useful in the development of handmade products that I make. I am very satisfied with the product. And as soon as I have other projects, I must make another request.

    Sep 11,2018