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  • Vladimir
    Hubsan h501s отличная не оригинальная шторка
    Эта шторка не оригинальная, но это лучшее из того что продается на сегодня.. Обратите внимание при покупке, покупать следует шторку с боковыми лепестками под рамкой.
    Эта шторка устанавливается на hubsan h501s за 10 минут, и не нужен никакой клей и скоч, вы совершенно не испортите свою аппаратуру, и при необходимости ее с легкостью можно будет демонтировать.
    1) У шторки есть боковые лепестки под рамкой против засветов.
    2) Устанавливается за 10 минут
    Минусы: понадобится потратить 10 минут на установку

    Oct 09,2016

    Very good quality, but not for Hubsan H501S
    Attention: This product is really very good and works nicelly, but if you want to use it for a Hubsan's H501S transmitter, you have to make some modification. It is not plug'n'play. Actually it looks like it is made for some other tx. It has the right dimensions, but that's all. That beeing said, it is not hard to modify it to work with the hubsan as you can see in the pictures.
    For what it is made for, i can't see any cons.

    Mar 04,2017

  • Marco
    Ótimo para evitar riscos e poeira na tela, tive que adaptar para encaixar, porem ficou bem bacana, nada que uma Abraçadeira de Nylon e um pouco de fita isolante não resolva.
    Tive que adaptar para funcionar com o controle.

    May 05,2018

  • Giuseppe Delfino
    Monitor Sunshade
    Il copri monitor sembra fatto bene anche se purtroppo non monta bene. risultano invertiti gli innesti rispetto al radiocomando. quindi i blocchi che servono per fissarlo al telecomando non sono utilizzabili. io li ho rimossi ed ho applicato due pezzetti di biadesivo.
    dato il costo dell'oggetto penso ci si possa accontentare.
    non combacia con gli attacchi del radiocomando, ma comunque è un problema facilmente risolvibile.

    Feb 22,2017

  • Luca
    Original Hubsan H501S - 23 4.3 inch Monitor Sunshade
    The Sunshade works perfectly on the remote control of hubsan H502s with a small change easy to do.

    am very happy purchase and the price is much lower than the competition.

    no one

    Sep 20,2016

  • Рамиль
    4.3 Дюйма солнцезащитные козырек
    Я этот товар оценил за то что он доступен покупке и по цене...
    Мне понравилось...
    Этот солнцезащитные козырек удобный что закрывается и открывается автоматически - чем сравнивать стандартный целый козырек без закрывания афто...
    Да, Если есть желание купить этот товар и занятся с переделкой как я переделал на показе фоте то покупайте его... Удобно!!!
    Минусов нет...

    May 20,2018

  • KuroNekko
    Does not fit Hubsan H501S remote control!
    - Folding, spring-out design.
    - Clips and tabs can be broken so it fits remote screen? Maybe?
    - Should protect screen from scratches and damage.
    Warning: This product does NOT actually fit the product it is listed for.
    I should have read the reviews before buying as it's a common complaint. However, you might be able to fit it by breaking off the plastic tabs and using glue or double-sided tape to adhere it to the remote controller.
    Gearbest should not mislead customers into thinking this is a perfect fit for a Hubsan H501S remote. It will NOT fit without modifications and adhesives as it was not made for the H501S remote.

    Jun 28,2018


    Thank you for your feedback.
    We regret that you are experiencing issues with the item.
    Our customer service will send a message to you within 24 hours to get more details of your issues.
    Please check the ticket in your account and provide some photos and videos to give more detailed information.
    We always would like to do our best to help solve any issue for customers.
    Best regards,

    Jun 29,2018

  • NoWi
    * schützt gleichzeitig das Display bei nichtgebrauch
    * hilft ungemein bei Sonneneinstrahlung
    * eigentlich unerlässlich
    * günstiger geht's nicht
    * Federnde Klappe fahren alleine aus
    * Passgenauigkeit mittelmäßig

    May 13,2018

  • shayne britton
    H501S Monitor sunshade
    this is not a plug n play sunshade! a bit i diy involved, nothing that a bit of hotglue,cable tie and black paint cant fix
    doesn't fit out of box

    Jan 05,2017

  • buyer
    Had to be a little modified with razor and epoxide glue but than it is perfect, I recommend. Thanks for fast delivery and nice price

    Jul 22,2018