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  • Daniel L. Gagner
    It manages to fill any reasonably sized room with light despite being much bigger than a softball, the remote works well and is extremely simple and easy to use, and the different functions do a good job of randomizing or programming the movement of the light

    Sep 05,2018

  • Daniel Winegarden
    This disco ball is so cool, it was so small that I was afraid that I'd been duped by the low price, the lights and the colors are fantastic, we have ten foot ceilings and rather large rooms and this little jewel fills the entire room with awesome light effects

    Mar 22,2018

  • Silver Star Wife
    It includes a remote so you can change settings and colors so you can chose between seven different color settings, it filled up my living room with a ton of light and is small with a bracket to mount it out of the way, and the price makes it a very good deal

    Mar 09,2018

  • Christopher B. Derrick
    Lights up the whole room very well, played a little with sound activated settings, light patterns and remote all work great, may be a little noisy when on in a quiet setting, thinking about ordering another to put on other side of room for a dual effect

    Sep 29,2018

  • Kristina C.
    This little light is bright and amazing will be ordering more for sure, the effect and the shear coverage of this light is amazing !!! It covers my whole dance floor in my tavern and I cant wait to put it to the test tonight and many more

    Sep 17,2018

  • Reviewer
    You can run them all night without them getting hot, each comes with its own remote control, no big deal if you break one, great deal for anyone needing to add some quick light to their show

    Jan 11,2018

  • M. Warren Durkin
    This disco ball really lights up a room for how small it is, also being able to change the colors is super fun, such a great buy and perfect for all your dance party needs

    May 17,2018

  • burghchick
    They go home raving to their parents about how fun it is and even some parents have expressed how cool it is and how they're a little jealous of the kids dance parties

    Jan 07,2018

  • Joshua G
    I am so impressed with this light, it has a sound activated strobe that is right on with the music, it is great for a small room to add some additional fun lights

    Jun 30,2018

  • Portista
    The lights are bright and do move to the music, over all a good light but not a great light but worth having if you need a DJ light that will work on a budget

    Dec 15,2017