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  • Misia
    I got this board as my first skateboard a couple of years ago, The first year riding it held up well but it was very hard to pop up and do tricks with and the design on the deck near the ends wore off very fast and so did the paint on the trucks and grip tape too, I of course had to replace the bearings when I first got it because the bearings it came with don't last long at all, Oh and the board itself should be used for really cruising because of the softer and larger wheels and the low trucks -LRB- realized this when I saw the wheel bite on the deck -RRB-, To sum up is great for beginners but only for beginners

    Apr 15,1973

  • Marcela Martinova
    This skateboard is `` really awesome, The deck is flexible and sturdy like the brand name penny board and comes with its own tool to help adjust the trucks, The board rides well for both boys ; It has remained relatively ding-free from the older one's crazy tricks and the younger of the two wants me to tell you how much he loves riding it down our hill, the wheels are just the right size and material - it takes the bumps quite well, We all think the colors are great, the plastic deck gets quite soft

    Dec 11,1972

  • Sooraj
    I loved the sick design on the deck and the trucks are nice too, Replace these bearings with Reds or Spitfire's because these are some of the worst bearings I have ever rode, I would also look into getting differnt grip tape because the grip it comes with wears eaisily, If you have the money I would invest in a better board from actual skate compnys like Revive, In the end this board is decent but needs someupgrades upon purchase

    May 30,1994

  • S. Fricke
    I expected a very cheap board, This board is very well made and definitely ready to ride, I thought I'd have to play with the bearings and trucks to get them ride ready but nope, It's really not that heavy compared to most cheaper boards and the wheels seem to spin fine, no funky wrapping around the board or anything, The only real downfall is the wheels came in black, a excellent board for what you pay and highly recommended by me

    Nov 25,1994

  • Mark Johnston
    Awesome skate board with no problems, Unfortunately I can not say this is comparable to a penny brand board, This board boasts new flex technology, but I felt that the board was almost too flexy, The wheels and trucks were on too tight when it came, Despite loosening the trucks I was not able to do tight turns on this like I am on a penny board, Bottom line is that this board is good for the price point

    Dec 02,1999

  • Rhonda Valverde
    I bought this prior to buying a Penny board, They ride the same once you loosen the wheels -LRB- with the included T tool -RRB-, and this board is very solid, The only thing that is different is that it doesn't flex quite like a Penny, but for younger kids or new skaters it provides some extra stability, Its a great board and I would recommend it as the best mini cruiser you can get for the money

    Jun 10,1976

  • Roberto
    Fancy Skateboard
    Lightining wheels

    Made from durable materials. Smooth movement. Cool LED colored wheels
    Very tough both base & wheels
    Strong truck
    The truck comes in natural chrome color.
    Fun-cionality isn't affected!

    Sep 24,2017

  • eganatr
    I didn't have high expectations because I didn't know the brand and because of the relatively cheap price, It turns out the board is very high quality, It makes sense that bamboo makes for a great board because of its flexibility and strength, The wheels are also high quality, and am very happy with such a great price

    Dec 14,2006

  • Karin Williamson
    High quality !!!, This is my first experience with a long board, -RRB- Out of the box the board was ready to go, The bearings and wheels on this are great for just simple cruising, I may in the future look at some harder wheels so I can be more slidey, but the soft wheels that come on it are great for just chill riding

    Apr 30,1979

  • J. Chapline
    A really nice deck that feels pretty solid and should last for a bit, Slowly building a new board to get back into into skateboarding after quite some time, Have played around with a couple of bamboo boards in the past and more recently, Overall the deck is pretty nice for the price

    Feb 07,2005