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  • pavementends
    Only downside and there is no way to change this is that the sensor used to determine which side of the remote you're holding up command or keypad is really accurate and a little testy, you can't use this remote for a horizontal position in bed and expect to be able to tilt it up to see what button you are pushing because the back light will turn off when the sensor flips the controls to the other side of the remote

    Nov 27,2017

  • David Levenoskie
    My main reason for purchasing this remote was the back light and less noise from key presses to appease my wife, the remote delivers on the back light function minus one star due to alt key letters being in blue and impossible to see with the back light on in the dark, the remote feels good in the hand and is responsive, at the end of the day if you want a decent remote and air mouse with back light

    Apr 28,2018

  • Quadbob101
    I've tried countless other HTPC remotes and this one is close to perfect, i could nitpick and say a rechargeable battery would be nice but for the price it's a great deal, the air-mouse feature really works good and even complex tasks like drag and drops are effortless, the backlit keys are easy to read in a dark room and the range is awesome

    Jul 15,2017

  • Sarah Bri
    I have tried several remotes before and this is best one so far, it has lights so you can see is a great feature, when the remote wakes from sleep you DO N'T have to turn off the mouse cursor like most of others ... it stays off unless you want it on great feature, programmable buttons works really well

    Feb 02,2017

  • Justin Allbee
    Performs its main functions well, for my next purchase, i will consider a remote where the numeric keys do not require the use of `` Alt'', would have liked better/different placement of the `` freeze mouse'' and `` right click'' buttons - which can be very hard to locate/remember

    Oct 24,2016

    The setup was VERY easy and it works very well, getting used to the waving of the remote with your hand takes a bit getting used to, overall quality is great, the illumination is interesting how it shuts of one side as you flip it to the other to save battery life

    Jun 06,2018

  • Thomas G
    I found myself back using the android box with the crappy remote until I bought a mini keyboard air mouse with a touch pad, i happened to be watching a video on YouTube about Kodi when I noticed the YouTuber using an air mouse remote

    Dec 24,2016

  • Antonio
    Good universal gadget
    TV controller, anything controller cause can clone pretty much anything, good range on BT and IR, I like it a lot. battery last ages.
    Plastic feels a bit weak but so far no problems at all

    Aug 22,2017

  • Nik2426
    The rear keyboard is nice, the air mouse function is really good and you can re-center by clicking the mouse off when cursor is in middle of the screen and click it back on where you want a start the point at

    Jun 15,2018

  • Deimosio
    The remote is very responsive and the mouse function works well, the best part of this remote is the backlight and the keyboard, you are looking for a good quality remote

    Jan 09,2017