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  • linkziz
    There was also a loose connection to the power supply, causing the power light to remain off and the unit unseen by XP, you will know if the connection is tight when the blue LED light turns on, as this unit performed great and was seen by XP immediately, amazing quality for the low price

    Nov 03,2018

  • Pono
    I'm using these for supplemental side light in a DIY plant light unit vegetables I'll eventually use in a desk lamp to keep herbs growing in our kitchens, the build quality is excellent and the vegetables started so far have done great

    Oct 26,2018

  • Bronson VanWagoner
    I needed these for the LED light kit I got and they fit perfectly, the quality is pretty good and is just your standard cable

    Nov 13,2018

  • Dron
    These are very well made adapters and are great for fitting an LED candaleria bulb into a regular size light socket

    Oct 04,2018

  • Timex
    Needed a gooseneck extension for moving LED light bulb from garage door opener light

    Oct 03,2018

  • atiwary
    This was great to use compared to other power units I have used for LED light strips

    Nov 11,2018

  • T. Pulice
    Great accessory for auxiliary light switch for aftermarket led light bar

    Nov 03,2018

  • RJT69
    They run through the entire night, a nice white LED light

    Sep 02,2018

  • Staphaine A. Staley
    Bought this for LED light strips and they work great

    Sep 25,2018

  • Paul From Boulder
    Bought this for LED light strips and they work great

    Oct 25,2018