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  • 24team
    This item will be perfect for a small gift or stocking stuffer for christmas for someone who loves to play with their nails,the designs are varied and small so they add just a little cute kick to whatever you would like to do with them,approximately half of the stickers are in black and white color combinations,the other half of the stickers are in a variety of color combinations that will be easy to match up with bright nail color

    Dec 09,2017

  • A. Powell
    I'm satisfied with the product,i'm pretty sure I got exactly the amount I paid for,there's good variety in the size of the shapes,there's good variety in color of flowers - blue,i'm satisfied with my purchase,no weird smells like other people have noted on other decal stickers from other places

    Apr 04,2016

  • David S Hayes
    The black ones are awesome,the colored ones are very good,the white ones,i ordered a bunch of nail art stuff from china/thailand on the same day about three weeks ago,and white stickers (particularly the gumminess of the white ones),this is an excellent buy and definitely worth the price

    Apr 19,2017

  • Ward N
    Much easier than trying to paint nail covers,i put them on the nail before placing them on my actual nail nad was careful about not getting glue in them ... I think next time I will just use the sticky pads so I can re-use the nail cover though ... but yes ... love them ... look amazing after a coat of clear

    Jun 20,2018

  • James Mitchell
    These particular nail stickers are good because many of them have a rhinestone shine and look to them which is classy looking,these will last a long time and they are well than worth the money,you get so much of a variety that you could change the stickers everyday if you want

    May 23,2018

  • Dave in Vancouver,WA
    Some bright colors with flowers and other girly designs,did not get any of the french tip ones as other reviewers did,i find them very easy to remove from the backing to place on my nails,(make sure you are putting them on completely dry nail polish or they will curl)

    Jun 02,2017

  • Rene Alvarez
    There is a good variety of designs,the black ones and white ones were my favorite but only because many of these already have tiny little rhinestones on the design or in center of flower,the colored designs are all sorts of colors from soft to bold and bright

    Dec 26,2016

  • MagicMike
    They seem to be good quality and should hold up compared to other nail stickers I have purchased,i would have preferred more black and white then color but over all still a good value,for the price and fast shipping I would recommend this product

    Apr 09,2016

  • Landon
    I got two of them in the package for a really cheap price,such a great product and good deal,you can't even tell if they are a bit small,we are humans and it is utterly impossible for any product such as this to for everyone perfectly

    Aug 14,2018

  • Elan.R
    I have paid the same amount for only a few sheets,the white and black ones are my favorite,some of the flower ones look a little cheesy and kid-ish,i had no problem with mine after I sealed them down with a few layers of top coat

    Nov 13,2017