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  • Vasile
    surprisingly good, much better than expected
    I was very pleasently surprised by the image quality of this microscope. I was prepared for it to be a dissapointment, but it turned out to be a great quality product. Premium packaging, a calibration marking included as well. As soon as you pick it up you realize this is a quality item, not some cheap crap. It took a bit of figuring out but I was up and running in minutes. I just installed the first app on android that supported OTG cameras and boom, instant magnification. I have only one complaint and that is with the stand not the scope itself. The stand well is not standing. It keeps falling over. So maybe instead of moving the object under the scope, better to move the scope by hand around the item. I am really happy with this product, hoped for the best but did not really expect it, yet it happened thus proving it is worth to try something new now and then.

    Apr 02,2019

  • Simon Shapiro
    pretty Good
    My grandchild loves this thing, and I find it useful too. I do not think this camera really magnifies images 1,600 times. It is more like 200, or less. I cannot show you any images - this [Gear Best] application demands at least 500x500pixels images. This camera does not produce such high resolution (buyers beware).
    The software I use is called "USB Camera Pro Version 9.6.1". See attached image.
    The camera is a bit slow but the images are usable. It will not focus to infinity but will focus past it's clear plastic collar. Is it intentional, bad QA, or these are rejects. In any case, it is usable and quite fun.

    Jul 08,2019

  • Yoanna
    Lo recomiendo totalmente, si es cierto que a veces para lograr ver algo en movimiento entre pelos y demas es necesario bastante pulso pero es super facil de utilizar y se logra ver cosas FANTASTICAS! va perfecto para esas personas que trabajan con piezas pequeñas , para curiosos, y por que no? tambien para niños. Al principio querras ver TODO pero... Ten cuidado,podras llegar a ver acaros! LOS ENCONTRE!!

    May 01,2019

  • Aurelian
    great quality for the price
    This is my second microscope. I first bought the 500x item and I was very impressed with it, so I was glad when the 1000x went on sale and did not hesitate to buy it. As expected, I was very pleased with the quality of this item. Even the packaging feels premium. As a bonus, the stand for the 1000X version has a much wider foot, so it is impossible to topple over, even on purpose, as you can see in the video.

    Jun 05,2019

  • Pica
    Works as advertised, really good price and has good image quality, but the android app doesn't always lauch right.
    Was not really expecting it to be as good a product as it has turned out to be.
    Has good quality image, zooms up and down with good view, and the focus is very sharp, prividng you don't have to hold it with your hands.
    My only issues is that it don't auto focus, and he support that came with my microscope is not the same as advertised on the pictures, also the android app that comes with the product doens't launch on amy devices that i currently own, and does not interact with any other camera apps thats i have tried.
    other then that, it has been a really good device, and for the price, you can't really beat it.
    Do recommend the device.

    Mar 06,2019

  • mdv
    nice product
    The product was delivered promptly. It is as advertised. Very simple to setup. At first the cam was not working with windows 10 until I found an answer online and it solved the problem. The product should have clear instructions on how to make the cam work with windows 10. But over all I am satisfied with the purchase.

    Aug 08,2019

  • Luka
    Great microscope
    I like it a lot. It helps me with repairing electronic components.

    Solid low budget microscope
    easy to use (when SW installed)
    Little different bracket than on photos
    No link to software. There is a CD attached, but a lot of computers don't have CD-drive anymore.

    May 16,2019

  • Danilo
    Veio todo embalado. certinho, estou ainda em faze de teste, vou tentar conectar no Celular.
    Funciona bem, veio com o Cd de instalação

    May 09,2019

  • Kristijan
    1600X Digital Microscope with Measurement
    fenomenal acest microscop, nu va puteti inchipui cat de bine si clar mareste, eu am ramas fara cuvinte, toata cinstea producatorului. Daca aveti nevoie si cred ca nu strica sa aveti asa o chestie in casa, va recomand sa-l achizitionati.

    Dec 18,2018

  • Amado
    Microscopio de resolución suficiente
    A pesar de no haber comprado su base para operarlo me manera mas sencilla, el microscopio ha resultado una brillante ayuda para las aplicaciones textiles donde principalmente lo he usado, sin embargo al tener un limitado campo visual, no lo recomiendo como sustituto del microscopio estereoscopico. por lo demás resulta de desempeño suficiente.

    Jan 07,2019