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  • Shan
    Very Nice Tool
    A very nice tool and accessory for the quick charging for mobiles.
    A nice tool for fashion as well.

    But very difficult to tie up with one hand.

    Oct 19,2019

  • Jason L
    Was concerned that no instruction came with the product -LRB- it is fairly self explanatory but I like product manuals just to be sure I understand things and the different adapter plugs were not clearly identified as to country of use

    Aug 15,2018

  • James C
    I also like the adapters plugs as I can connect each other to minimize space and keeping them together, my biggest complaint would have to be the fan being a bit noisy -LRB- especially when you are trying to sleep in a small hotel room -RRB-

    Oct 12,2018

  • Oncle Willie
    I bought this device for a trip to Australia and New Zealand because my wife uses a CPAP machine and we needed to convert the foreign voltage to US voltage for that machine, It comes with plug adapters for several foreign countries

    Jun 19,2018

  • ShamrockCowboy
    I find I rarely use the plugs now with so many items charging with USB but there's an internal cooling fan with a slight consistent fan/grind noise that's great to bleed street noise if close to your bed

    Mar 11,2018

  • Rich Fonda
    easy to use and makes my new sound bar sound great, Highly recommend buying here rather than in a store and paying much much more for a product that is most likely inferior to this one as well

    Sep 07,2018

  • Jacqueline Lechner
    previous toslink cable made audio sound sharppitched the Amazon basics toslink cable seemed to evenout the audio to a more ear pleasing experience

    Apr 13,2018

  • Soemarsono
    flexible cable that seems unaffected by folding and yet delivers good quality sound comparable to other brands or type optical cables

    Aug 26,2018

    This converter is awesome, Used for a business trip to Dublin Ireland and was able to charge multiple devices with not problem

    Jan 05,2018

  • SiValleyUser
    The only converter I found with surge protection and multiple outlets, Supports multiple instances of fast charging

    Jul 14,2018