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  • Hudchew
    I bought this little thing and it's perfect,and the timer works perfectly fine you just have to push it and make sure it is all the way to the desired time and not stuck in the middle which is just the `` on'' feature,i have to say the best part about this entire thing is the fact that you open it you take it out of the box and you plug it up,but then I come home and put on my own design nail stickers and seal them with the uv gel,and then put a top coat of uv gel polish on top and now you have your favorite color with the extended life of a gel polish

    May 17,2018

  • Mergathal
    I recently attended an embroidery class and I wanted my hands to look very nice so I booked a gel manicure at the hotel where we were staying,but the price was insane,this lamp works perfectly and the price is reasonable,it may take longer depending on how many colors you want to have on hand,i am successfully growing out a split nail on my right hand that I would not be able to do with regular polish

    Feb 19,2018

  • Kupkakekitty
    Does it's job and easy to use I make sure to wipe off my last coat with alcohol and my nails look great,i have used it several times now and I love it,all of my customers love how nice and big it is for a whole hand to fit in there without the worry of touching the sides,it is wonderful and well worth the money

    Feb 03,2018

  • Steven Roberts
    I love this uv lamp !!! works wonderful and cuts the drying time down so much !! I can fit both of my hands in it on top of each other so makes doing my own nails so much easier and quicker !! would definitely recommend this to everyone !!!

    Jan 28,2018

  • Chuck
    Great purchase for a reasonable price,the timer feature is fabulous and is the perfect time,i had no problem with it drying my nails satisfactorily using a high quality gel polish

    Aug 13,2018

  • Jane Austen
    I love it !!! the drying area is large enough for the whole hand to fit into comfortably,it dries the uv gel perfectly the first time and I have even used it on my toes

    May 22,2018

  • The Icon
    I am so happy I purchased this product,the polish is supposed to cure under uv and led but it doesnt seem to dry with the uv,but the time is worth saving the money !!!!

    Jun 22,2018

  • Luis Arturo Morrobel Camilo
    Absolutely love this light !!!! great quality for an even better price I was worried it wasn't going to work well for the price but I was wrong absolutely love !!!

    Jan 15,2018

  • John
    Smaller than picture show it's not that big you'll have to be very careful for fingers not to touch each other cause that will smug your nail polish

    Sep 28,2018

  • Ana Darc Aparecida
    Phototerapy Manicure Nail Drier USB Led Lamp
    I liked this lamp it is very light and beautiful comes with the USB cable and works perfectly recommend.

    Jul 26,2018