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  • NoblEinherjar
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    Awesome Bang per Buck / Excelente Custo-benefício

    - The flashlight is well built, made out of alluminium alloy, with an outstanding finish
    - and an eye appealing design.
    - Has a good runtime output, not the best - being honest, but for the price there's nothing to argue
    - The versatility of using both 14500 and an standard AA battery was what made me pick this one
    instead of it bigger brother the JET - II MK.
    - It can tail stand and the clip can be removed and reversed.
    - It also comes with a very nice lanyard!


    - Its clip is the only con I Have. It isn't the most discreet one and it could have the same color as the flashlight.

    - A lanterna é bem feita, construída com com alumínio, com um acabamento muito bom e um design bem interessante.
    - Tem um bom "runtime", não um dos melhores - devo dizer. Mas pelo preço não se pode reclamar...
    - A versatilidade de poder usar uma bateria 14500 e uma pilha AA foi o que me fez optar por ela ao invés de sua irmã a JET- II MK.
    - Ela pode ficar em pé e o clipe pode ser removido e revertido.
    - Acompanha um lanyard de qualidade.


    - O único contra é o clipe. Ele não é tão discreto e poderiam ter posto um da mesma cor que a lanterna.

    Sep 30,2018

  • Tom Jose K
    Да (1) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    1.Very Compact.
    2.Uses widely available single AA battery as well as 14500 and NiMH.
    3.AR coated lens.
    4.Modes High/Medium/Low.
    5.Very useful low medium mode during night.
    6.Twist function.
    7.Anodized body.
    8.Very Strong Pocket Clip.
    9.Cool finish.
    10.Can be mounted to a tripod.
    11.Has two lanyard holes.
    12.Comes with a cool adjustable lanyard with jetbeam logo.
    13.Has great grip towards the twist part of the head of the flashlight for easy one handed operation.
    14.Smooth reflector.
    15.Great output when using a single AA as well as NiMH, while extreme output while using 14500.
    16.Excellent form factor, light weight and compact.
    17.Comes with spare o ring included in the package.
    18.Has memory function. Remembers the last mode used.
    19.Excellent value for the money

    Feb 19,2018

  • Neristan
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    Best AA flashlight at this price!
    I have buyed this beautiful flashlight at only 13.39 dollars (instead 18.95 dollars). I think you can't find another flashlight with this features at this price. The jeatbeam jet - I MK is very well built and all the details are perfect. With one AA battery you can use the flashlight for 100 hours at the minimum level (1.5 lumens), or for 9 hours at the medium level (30 lumens): this is perfect for emergency use end everyday use! But if you need more power, you can switch the flashlight on the high level, 150 lumens with AA batteries or 480 lumens with 14500 batteries! This jet - I MK is IPX-8 standard waterproof and 2 meters impact resistant, so you can use it under the rain, or when you have a trekking or an hiking. I am very satisfied with this product and I recommend it!
    No cons, the flashlight is perfect!

    Oct 01,2016

  • protitipoo
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    linterna con led cree xpg2 con 480 lumens.
    de tamaño contenido y peso ridiculo ya que esta fabricado en aluminio de grado aeroespacial.
    utiliza baterias de litio 14500 o nimh AA, cambiando la potencia de salida segun se use una u otra.
    el anonizado es de calidad, bueno y bonito a la vista.
    aguanta la humedad y bajo el agua hasta dos metros de profundidad, gracias a su junta de goma, por cierto trae de repuesto.
    viene con reflector liso lo que hace de ella una lanzadora pequeña...
    a simple vista la potencia es bastante buena y no defrauda.
    el tono de luz es frio pero sin llegar a ser azulado ni nada parecido ,rondara los 6000k...
    una buena linterna de uso edc.
    para un uso diario no se puede usar demasiado tiempo en el modo maximo, ya que se calienta bastante .
    ademas el runtime es limitado sobre una media hora, aunque al tener 3 modos pues se puede alargar el tiempo usando los mas bajos.

    Jun 12,2017

  • Webert
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    Lanterna Jetbeam JET-1 MK
    Lanterna com construção e acabamentos de excelente qualidade.
    Excelente portabilidade e muito funcional. A opção de luminosidade mais alta atende bem para ambientes abertos enquanto o ajuste de luminosidade mais baixa é excelente para localizar coisas em locais fechados, sem incomodar outras pessoas próximas.
    Muito eficiente e compacta, além de ser muito bonita. Recomendo a compra da mesma.

    Lantern construction and quality finishes of excellence.
    Excellent portability and very functional. The highest brightness option is the same for the living room, while the brightness setting is lower for covering things indoors without disturbing other people nearby.
    Very efficient and compact, besides being very beautiful. I recommend buying the same.

    Nov 14,2018

  • AJH_Knives
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    MK cree
    shipping took about a month to reach me here in the USA. it was worth the wait. as always Jet beam comes through with a nice pocket EDC flashlight. packaging was great no issues. the light functions great. 3 modes low, medium and high. I do wonder if the light actually puts out 480lm. this will require some testing and comparing on my part. this is the second JetBeam i own. I have the AAA version, have used it for the past few years. Its a great light. however, the brightness seems the same. again this will require more testing.
    this is a great product for the price. it is a well made quality item. so issues with any of their products.

    Dec 26,2018

  • ThisJK
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    Great Flashlight
    Extremely powerful flashlight while using the 14450 battery. Run times and lumen ratings seem accurate when compared to others lights with similar lumen outputs. Tail stands and has a momentary on/off feature that is activated by pulling on the head of the light. The Jet 1 is easy to use, and I really like the twist on feature because not once did the light turn on in my pocket. Favorite aspect of the light is its size. It is only slightly longer and thicker than your everyday Chapstick.
    Only con is the one directional pocket clip. I with the clip could be reversed so that it could be clipped onto the bill of a cap and be used as a head lamp.

    Sep 19,2017

  • Kontrolletti
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    Nice flashlight - Lives up with 14500.
    Working well. Mode memory is helpful. Get much brighter with 14500 over an NiMh AA. Nice throw due to SMO reflector and XPG2 LED. Feels very solid.
    Funktioniert gut. Insbesondere Mode Memory (behält die letzte Helligkeitsstufe) ist für eine Twist-Tala hilfreich. Bei Verwendung eines Li-Akkus (14500) viel heller als mit einem NiMh-Akku. Guter Thrower (konzentriertes Licht in der Ferne) für diese Größe aufgrund des glatten Reflektor in Kombination mit der XPG2 LED. Fühlt sich sehr stabil und solide an.
    Could / should be a little brighter with an NiMh AA battery.
    Könnte bzw. sollte bei Verwendung eines NiMh-Akkus heller sein (Frage der Regelung / des Treibers?).

    Mar 15,2017

  • Pablo
    Да (0) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    Great AA EDC light
    This is one of the best AA pocket flashlights you can buy. Simple and effective, very well built, nicely finished and with great output. Its value for money is excellent.

    There are lots of reviews of this light, so I'm not going to explain all its features. I will just say that you won't regret spending 10-12€ on it. I have purchased several units, both for me and for relatives or friends, and this little Jetbeam never dissappoints.
    None so far.

    Mar 14,2018

  • Sergiy
    Да (1) Цвет: Titanium Grey
    JetBeam JET 1 MK
    Доставка в Украину Новой почтой интернэшнл за 11 дней. Считаю это лучший фонарик в своём форм факторе, да и ещё по такой цене. Компактный, стекло просветлённое, рефлектор гладкий. анодирование приятное, мультитопливный, на литии 14500 светит очень ярко. Литий берите с выступающим плюсовым контактом из-за особенности плюсового контакта фонарика. Это бренд и за 13,99 дол. он должен быть у каждого!!!

    Dec 10,2017