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  • Wayland Chan
    I also keep some for house guest -LRB- and grand kids -RRB- as I have all wood floors and these keep them from sliding and or falling on slippery floors

    Aug 10,2018

  • tachi1
    It is important to me to have socks that I don't have to worry about slipping on our floor, These socks are good for that and attractive

    Mar 23,2018

  • Yukiduki
    The socks are comfortable and keep me from slipping, These socks make me feel more secure, I'm happy with my socks

    Aug 23,2018

  • SGH
    I bought them for when I gave birth to my daughter the hospital socks are awful so I bought these

    Oct 15,2018

  • A. Kitchen
    I am very pleased with the quality of these socks, in a resealable bag and sent in a small box

    Jul 09,2018

  • Laural A McPhillips
    My feet get cold a lot and with regular socks the steps are slippery

    Oct 16,2018

  • Doug E
    I wear them when I do Pilated and Yoga but it still slips

    Aug 03,2018

  • Movie fan
    I prefer bare feet even all through the winter

    Mar 07,2018

  • F. W. Young
    These are much better quality than I expected

    Jun 25,2018

  • Mo Runalls
    I thought the socks were very comfortable

    Aug 13,2018