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  • Aurelian
    earth wire and power measurement
    One of the more expensive wifi switches, I bought it with flash deal price of 11.99 USD. -The device is considerably larger than the more common Sonoff Basic switch, but it still fits on the sonoff rail adapter and inside a standard electrical fuse panel. Unlike the Sonoff Basic, where the wires enter the device on one side and exit on the other side, the Sonow POW R2 has all the wires on one side of the device. Reading the wiring diagram, it appears that the in and out of the Null and the Earth wires are directly linked, while only the Live wire is actually interrupted by the device. The 6 connectors for the wires are spring loaded, fairly stiff and the side ones are a bit hidden under the case and hard to reach. I would have preferred more screws, like the sonoff basic has.

    Feb 22,2019

  • Anthony
    Sonoff POW Rev 2 - Alexa Compatible Wifi Smart Light Switch
    This is an amazing product that works really well and integrates easily with Alexa. Very easy to configure and use. It has a built-in manual on/off switch that toggles power to the device (see attached video) that is so convenient if there are issues with voice command. Wifi connection is very stable and reliable.

    The feature that manages power is really great. You can use the app to configure power rates (charges) in your city per kWh and it will show the cost in the app based on usage. Usage can be monitored by any set length as per your choice. Very good product and real value for money. Well built too. 16A rated. I installed mine in an extension box connected to a plug point in order to test the power usage of various devices. Really cool.

    Highly recommended and GearBest shipped the product extremely fast.

    Sep 21,2018

  • Bogdan
    Easy to use switch with monitoring
    Easy to use, configured using mobile application. My scenario is pretty simple - turn on heater at night and turn off early morning. Please note that my heater takes only 5A (1KW), so it's relatively safe to manage it using this switch. Anyway, I have soldered all wires and measured temperature of switch during launch phase.

    Зручний вимикач, налаштував через застосунок. Там же і відображення спожитої електроенергії.
    Я використовую для керування бойлером. Але майте на увазі, що у мене бойлер лише на 1КВт, тому було достатньо пропаяти дроти і виміряти температуру корпусу, щоб впевнитися в надійності. Якщо ж бойлер більш потужний, то краще не ризикувати з китайськими амперами.

    Dec 24,2018

  • Smart Switch
    Smart Switch
    The is an excellent product for DIY enthusiast.
    I wanted to manage the usage on my fridge and need a device which can do it,
    And i found this one.
    Its very easy to install just plug in the wires and thats all.
    The app can be downloaded from the play store and is also very good with all the features.
    I can switch off the device remotely as well. Pairing is very easy and there are 2 LEDs one for power and the other is for WiFi.
    It also has overload protection as well.
    and you can download the usage report as well.
    Highly recommended.
    Thanks gearbest

    Oct 07,2019

  • kamiyama
    Its works!
    A rather simple construction. If you want to put more powerful relay or replaced by solid. Flexible configuration of various modes, from scorching, to heating control or water boiler. Open architecture and a rich variety of options for firmware and settings. Indications shows davolno exactly, the video will be compared.

    Jan 30,2019

  • Regis
    Works very good
    SONOFF gadgets are the best to make basic smart home. Everything connects simply, could managed via app, easy to configure details and - the most important - are reachable via internet (out-side the home network).
    IFTT and group to scenas options also available.
    Strongly recommend if You want to automate Your home devices or have remote power management.
    All features works as promised by manufacturer. No bugs or crashes.

    Nov 06,2019

  • Oleksandr_s
    Очень классное устройство.
    Подключил к смарт-реле бойлер на 2кВт. Все подконнектилось к WiFi и заработало с первого раза. Тестировал с помощю квартирного счетчика - Sonoff занижает показания мощности на 2-3%. Измеряемое напряжение тоже немного занаиженно ~3-5V. Но в целом все хорошо. Есть статистика по потребленному электричесству по дням.месяцам. Приложение удобное. Есть разые таймеры на включение.выключение.

    Nov 14,2018

  • Mariosmci
    sonoff pow R2 smart switch
    i have choose to put 5 stars because i love it.i like that item because it works wireless .the advantage over other similar products is that is wireless and you can control it anywhere you are in all of the world. also i recommended

    Nov 22,2018

  • Gaurang Ghare
    best of the best!
    Measures live power, voltage & current with upto 100% accuracy! Thus making it a must buy!

    Nov 26,2018

  • gearwest
    sonoff r2
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    8) Mangiavo una pera sul dromedario di mia suocera quando un pianoforte bussò all'atrocità mendicante della stanza digitale.

    Dec 15,2018