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  • Quentin
    Professional Quality, Multiple Functions
    The watch has an attractive classic design, a large display and a nice silicone strap, which effectively resist sweating during workouts.

    This watch also boasts an incredibly long life on just one charge - as long as 24 days.

    The interface, while maintaining an attractive classic design, has been optimized with a larger display in order to make icons and messages clearer and easier to read.

    The Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite uses the Biotracker™ sensor to monitor important aspects of bodily health. Its important functions include 24-hour heart-rate monitoring and sleep monitoring. The heart monitor allows to check the level of stresses while you perform everyday activities . You may use the easy-to-understand interface to check the all-important beats-per-minute data and conduct an analysis. You can also customize this app to inform you with a notification alarm if your heart-rate reaches an unacceptable level. This app records all historical data in order to allow you to make a more detailed analysis.

    With its 6-axis acceleration sensor, the Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite is an ideal companion for sports and exercise as it’s available with 8 different sports modes including several varieties of running, cycling, swimming and other popular sports and exercise routines. At the conclusion of your activity the smart-watch will display the relevant collected data including distance covered, pace, heart beats-per-minute, range, laps completed, time per lap and many other functions.

    Jan 01,2020

  • Antonio
    Excellent and light product
    Thanks to the #Tuesdaygiveaway i was able to receive this great smartwatch for free, in 3 weeks. i am honored to be part of the #gearbestcommunity. the appearance Is very elegant, and you can change both watchstrap and watchface,to personalize It. Maybe depending on the occasion. It Is Also surprisingly light. It has the basic functionalities but are very good. I can configure the 2nd Button as i Wish. Now i have put the timer, and works well at the Gym, Is very fast to use and handy. It Is possibile set alarms, see weather forecast, see smartphone notifications( very well and clear), change Song if we are playing music on the phone( Spotify or YouTube app , even if we have a shower), track a Gym workout, measuring heartrate and see graphic of the Activity in details ( aerobic,non aerobic time etc). the battery have the same Life of a mi band 3. I think It Is good with this kind of screen and what can offer in terms of functionality. I can't use the same app of mi band 3 mi fit, but the amazfit one, even if It keeps the old data. So ... It Is a very great product. And i am very Happy. I don't know if i would have spent so much to get It. With this budget level we can have a smartwatch with a GPS system, something that this kind of smartwatch doesn't have. Maybe with a discount can be a purchase.

    Feb 09,2020

  • Jake
    LOVE this watch
    Really happy with this Amazfit! App alerts, tons of watch faces, heart rate indicator and graph, step meter and daily “circle”, optional always-on face (I don’t use this), ability to turn off the face coming on automatically during certain hours (so moving your arm when you sleep doesn’t wake you up). I am a sports enthusiast, swim/bike/ride regularly plus play team soccer (not a good idea but i leave the watch on to track how much i run). The watch records and provides most important metrics (pace/distance/hr/altitude/etc) for all of the sports it says it does (and there are alot). There's so much more that I haven't discovered on this watch yet and I can definitely tell this is my first real smartwatch but I've already had a ton of compliments on it.

    Jan 08,2020

  • Catchy
    Finally received today! The quality of watch dial is very good, the response is also fast, message alerts are synchronized with the phone response, convenient to receive notifications and phone calls. Soft silicone watchband is more comfortable to wear. The watch is much better than expected, super powerful battery life, good workmanship and normal functions. Very satisfied with this purchase, highly recommended to the users who do not need many functional requirements and just focus on the battery life, daily sports can also be fully satisfied. Compared with the traditional mechanical watches, the 47mm bezel is big, but it is not unmanageable, very lightweight to wear.

    Dec 26,2019

    El reloj es muy bonito y la verdad me ha gustado mucho en general, siento que si vale la pena aunque yo no soy una persona de hacer deporte por lo que para ser un reloj casual está perfecto.

    Con lo que no estoy conforme es con el tiempo en que tardé en recibir el producto, ya que soy de México e hice el producto el 1 de Enero, y hasta hoy 18 de febrero lo acabo de recibir. Cabe mencionar que no te dan numero de rastreo común y el que te dan es uno de "Hound express", en el que la información que proporciona es muy vaga. En todo el trayecto solo tiene 3 "movimientos", en el que brinda muy poca información de en donde es que se encuentra el paquete.

    Feb 18,2020

  • Lori
    Worth Buying
    Appearance: 47mm dial, just the right size for my hand.
    Screen: high resolution, looks like a real watch face in the sun, and the contents of the screen can be clearly seen
    Battery life: amazing, it still remain 38 % power after using half a month
    User experience: this watch has a lot of features, it's easy to set up, and very user-friendly
    Performance: 8 kinds of sports modes, that is very professional. Data syncing to the phone is fast.
    Heart rate monitoring: no comparison, so I am not sure if it is accurate or not, but with the built-in very professional sensor, it should be precise.

    In short, it's a smartwatch worth buying.

    Dec 25,2019

  • Abrau
    Justo lo que esperaba!
    Hoy he recibido mi pedido y, aunque todavía no he tenido casi tiempo de probarlo, puedo decir que se trata de un bonito reloj, de líneas elegantes y muy ligero. Me agrada mucho su estética y portabilidad. La conexión y puesta en funcionamiento es muy sencilla y no da ningún problema. El cargador,que se conecta mediante dos imanes, es muy rápido. Es una pena que el modelo no aparezca en algunas aplicaciones de la marca como Mi Fit u otras. Sería interesante que se pudiera disfrutar de todas las aplicaciones existentes para otros modelos similares. Resumiendo, se trata de un reloj elegante y de líneas muy modernas que puede utilizarse en cualquier actividad de la vida diaria.

    Jan 31,2020

  • Tina
    Amazing design and battery
    It looks like a regular quartz watch but in fact a smartwatch!!! This is really amazing design! I love the way the watch feels on my wrist, but my favorite is the message reminder function, will not let me miss important information when meeting, really perfect for business person. The battery life is amazing!!! Lots of functions and the look of the watch is awesome. No issues seeing the display. I recommend this watch. I do like it and wear it often. Now I am a watch Collector.

    Jan 06,2020

  • Julien PERU
    Superbe montre connectée
    Montre très sympathique, reçue en 22 jours (date de la commande 30/12/2019).
    Emballage classique mais efficace.
    L'écran Amoled est vraiment net, lumineux et de bonne qualité avec sa protection en Corning Gorilla 3. Le cerclage en titane de la montre est du plus bel effet.
    En comparaison avec ma Amazfit Bip Lite d'il y a deux ans cela impressionne, je souhaitais pouvoir nager avec une montre, grâce à son étanchéité 50m je vais pouvoir le faire !
    L'autonomie annoncée de 24 jours tiendra t'elle ses promesses, rendez-vous dans un mois pour le verdict !

    Jan 20,2020

  • Van
    Strong Sports Watch
    A very awesome feature is the long lasting battery ,In the best tradition of this series, you can forget about the frequent connections to the charger for this watch. One charge is able to give up to 24 days of battery life, so one can avoid frequent charging and focus on your daily activities mind free. Bio Tracker PPG Optical Heart Rate sensor, 6-axis acceleration sensor, Ambient Light sensor, to achieve 24/7 uninterrupted heart rate measurement more efficiently and with lower power consumption.

    Dec 28,2019