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  • Aurelian
    active USB hub
    it is not mentioned , but this HUB has a plug for DV 5V to power the hub at the far end. it is often the case that long USB extensions and multiple devices at the far end means the power from a single USB socket is not enough to power them all. so great to see this hub is ready to accept external power source (not included)

    Dec 14,2019

  • Andrei
    more than just a hub
    It is a long extension cable 5m + USB hub with 4 ports + active power delivery (not included). I have an application where 10m extension cable doesnt have enough power at the end to support all plugged in devices, so the option to power this one externally is very useful.

    Dec 14,2019

  • André Lourenço Póvoas da Silva
    rub USB de Alta qualidade.
    Rub extensor USB de altíssima qualidade, feito com bons matérias muito bem modelado. a bitola do cabo e aproximadamente 8mm. Recomendo a compra deste produto.

    May 17,2019